How To Install Amazon Prime Video Xiaomi Mi Box

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With the creation of transmission via streaming platforms where you can access a series, videos or movies the numbers of people who want to have them on their devices is increased.

rent movies on Amazon Prime Video is very simple.

How to Install Amazon Prime Video Xiaomi Mi Box

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For this reason many of these applications have reached attract a lot of customers, including the Amazon Prime Video, only for smartphones, TV Box with Android TV, OS as the Xiaomi Mi Box.

As we noted the need for users to find entertainment has made major network platforms make applications to meet these customers. Of course within these there are many to choose from, but we will see a particular case something peculiar happens, the most important will be how to fix this.

Today there are applications that are not compatible for any Device , so you have to know how to have these app, this is the case of Amazon Prime video as installed in Xiaomi Mi Box.

Just Amazon Prime is not compatible with Xiaomi Mi Box, now let’s see what we have to do to get to see this app on my device operating system Android .

Let’s learn how there are three ways to enter this Amazon Prime to access this application using. Xiaomi MI Box is very simple, easy to make You can get more information about Xiaomi from the official website.

Methods for Amazon Prime Video from the Xiaomi Mi Box

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Method 1

This method is done from the computer making sure that they are connected in the same red wifi , both the mobile phone as the Xiaomi Mi Box.

It should connect from the PC to the Amazon Prime page through Google Chrome. Then, let the menu to locate the film, series, documentary you want to view, press play to play.

Now we have to locate on the screen in the upper right side, where we will get three points, oppressed there, then a menu where you find the one that says open: “Transmit” the press and then it will open a window where a list of devices that are compatible with the transmission is.

We locate the device we wish to convey, in this case the Xiaomi Mi Box , immediately will begin airing to see on our TV.

If you want to know where you can download Amazon Prime Video for PC or mobile you I invite you to check out the link above.

Method 2

Another option to solve this is to install applications from places or shops unofficial This is called sideloading . Of course this is very beneficial when certain applications are not available in the place where we live or not compatible with our mobile phone Android. We also have to watch that are from reliable sources.

What we do is find a file browser, download and install the Xiaomi Mi Box , any will always be compatible with Android.

followed downloaded from Chrome package installations in .apk format, then copy it to a flash drive and open it from the file browser already installed. In performing this step left it is to install the package Chrome .. A Google Chrome installed having we locate the address of Amazon Prime and load

Method 3

We can also say that it may seek a Amazon Prime application video in unofficial places, succeeds looking at Google , there is one called Aptoide , its performance is equal as those explained.

As we can see if you can install Amazon Prime on a Xiaomi Mi Box, practical suggestions are also easy to make. If we follow the steps outlined here to do what you will achieve.

Amazon Prime Video for other devices

In addition, these tips you get him on your Xiaomi Mi Box, but these ingenious methods can use it for other TV Box and even with other devices.

There is only going to your Xiaomi Mi Box, connect to your account Amazon Prime Video and enjoy series, movies, documentaries and many more things to offer this service streaming .

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