How To Install Google Play + Play Services On Mobile Phones Xiaomi

 download google play service

This may not seem true, mobile devices are becoming China origin increasingly popular and especially brand Xiaomi . As it gives users very affordable prices, mobile high-end and the most current version of the Android system.

But also the possibility of installing good applications, which is why we have brought you an article that will explain Google Play how to install + Play Services on Mobile Phones Xiaomi.

 install google play

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But if mobile Xiaom i use the latest version of Android, because I have already installed the different Google services. This is only possible with cell phones as Huawei, Xiaomi devices but not available all the services of Google Play . Nor the Play Store, or anything that has to do with Google.

For this reason, if you want to enjoy the wonderful services offered by the Google platform, you must install them manually. But do not panic or worry, the next article will teach you an easy way to perform this procedure. And then we’ll show Google Play how to install + Play Services on Mobile Phones Xiaomi.

How to install Google Play + Play Services on Mobile Phones Xiaomi

We’ve already taught by different items, how easy it is to work, set up or Remove ads mobile Xiaomi . Now we’ll show how to install Google Play + Play Services on Mobile Phones Xiaomi. A very simple, easy and best of all, it is that yourself what you can do.

As we have already told you, these Chinese phones come from the factory with the different services Google offers. That is why we will teach you how to install it without any complications to begin our Xiaomi device, we will lead my Store. Which it is the Android application that uses these cell for virtual shopping.

When we open the My Store, we will write in the search Google , as a first option we’ll show Google keyboard. But this, do not unload, let’s click on the second option is the Chinese search engine called Baidu. Then we an application that is essentially what we will install will appear.

The next thing we will do is press on the Install option and then Launch, now we just wait a few minutes downloading all applications are made. We may ask for permission to install, if so we give it. This will continue with each of the applications that are installed in the Device Xiaomi.

Installing the different services offered by the platform Google

So in this way will be downloaded to your phone Google search, Google Play Services, Google Account Manager. Also install the Google Calendar and finally the Google Play Store. With all these applications platform and Google their services, then must give permission to be installed on your device.

To complete the installation, you must press on the Ok option, then the icon of a red circle indicating that the installation is complete. After making clip on all options to launch the application, we must wait a few seconds to begin and check the information.

Now we will only look for the new icon that has been created in the start window and create or start our Google account. And thus we can complete the installation and now we will download those App that Google offers us from your online store Play Store . So easy, we installed all the services Google offers.

 google paly mobile xiaomi

Thus ended another article, we have devoted to the brand growing China and one of its most popular as are the Xiaomi mobile products. You could learn in a very didactic steps you have to perform to install Google Play + Play Services on Mobile Phones Xiaomi.

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