What Is Labeling Activities? | Unknown Functions Xiaomi Mi Band

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If accounts with a smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band surely you have noticed that it is very useful and has excellent features. What insurance does not know is that the brand Xiaomi bracelet has a few unknown functions that are worthy of being revealed.

What is Labeling Activities? | Unknown functions Xiaomi Mi Band

One of these surprises functions is tagging activities. If you do not know what this is and what it does, do not worry because today we’ll talk about What’s labeling activities? | unknown functions Xiaomi Mi Band.

What’s labeling activities Xiaomi Mi Band?

It is well known that bracelets Xiaomi Mi Band work anchored to a phone application called My Fit (you have synchronized your phone with your Xiaomi mi Band will pulse ), where you can monitor everything related to your bracelet deeper. It is from this application are different and unknown functions of My Band.

These labeling activities, this, indeed, is allow you so to speak ‘instruct’ the application on the activities that do . This actually presents a benefit to the app, because this enabled the function becomes self-improvement it.

This feature allows you to monitor, record or identify different activities. Among these: jumping rope, running, sit-ups, walking, standing, climbing stairs, cycling, driving, transportation, basketball, badminton, table tennis, sitting, eating, brushing, bathing, sleeping, poner alarm clock or custom activities.

When you register an activity, you will see interesting things like record heart rate and sports activities and acceleration reflected in a graph where your progress is displayed.

 arm bracelet intelligent Person

To can increase the frequency of measuring heart rate on your wrist . So, you can monitor real-time each of these activities.

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How to activate tagging activities Xiaomi Mi Band?

Now that you know what this function labeling activities and profitable it can be for you, you will surely want to activate it, so then see how you can do it.

Access application My Fit

The first thing to do is access the My Fit app , once inside this must look for the Profile window. In the window or enter this section will appear many options, but you must slide up until you reach the Tagging activity option and click on this. Then you’ll see all the activities mentioned above as you sleep or eat.

begins monitoring your activities with labeling activities

To begin to monitor an activity, you have to do is choose one by clicking on it, then accionas the button play and the app will start making a count of 3 seconds then start making a record of the selected activity. After you have finished performing this activity you press the Pause .

This is what will allow your smart bracelet My Band know when you’re making a specific activity and not confused and record the activity you’re doing as steps. So that your bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band will be more accurate and will give you concrete results of specific activities through this labeling activities.

Are they worth bracelets Xiaomi Mi Band?

Although we mentioned above one of many useful and great features of the Xiaomi Mi Band and although the have purchased, you may wonder, is it really worth it? So as an informational bonus will present some Review that have users on Xiaomi Mi Band.

 Xiaomi Mi Band Amazon reviews

As for opinions not so positive , some users on Amazon mentioned much rubber strap or bracelet, which according to some of them say it is “very rigid” and difficult to. Others again argue that said gum is easily broken. Others criticize their basic functions only pedometer and sleep.

Many users agree that all Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets they have been very helpful. For example, users and buyers of Amazon, qualify positively functions log steps, monitoring sleep and similar functions.

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They are happy with its high quality and resistance to dust and water, as well as the durability of the battery. Many argue that it has a very remarkable relationship value and despite being “simple” is practical, light and easy to use.

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