How To Solve The Problem Of Notifications Xiaomi Mi Band?

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Many users have had to deal with the problem notification Xiaomi Mi Band . And it is that it is likely to happen, especially in the most recent updates of the smartphone operating system.

Before activate and receive notifications WhatsApp in Xiaomi Mi Band or even receive notifications in Google Maps Xiaomi Mi Band , you must solve these problems.

Solving the Problem of notifications Xiaomi Mi Band

It is no secret that one of the main features and functions of the device, activate and synchronize Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet with your mobile and view notifications.

Unfortunately, the application that is connected both teams, presented certain failures regarding sync notifications.

So, we bring this guide with a collection of methods to try to solve some problems in the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, 3 and 4 .

Problem notifications Xiaomi Mi Band

Verify that notifications are active is the most obvious solution and the less common situation. But if for some reason the App My Fit (which is what allows the connection) has returned to its factory settings, you may have undone the settings made.

Consequently, notifications might be turned off to fix it, you must go to the tab “ Profile ” and click on the web.

Then, in the section “ Alerts ” for applications, will be in the equivalent option and then click “ Manage applications “.

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Already in this paragraph, will select all those applications you want to synchronize, and thus be re-activated notifications Xiaomi Mi Band.

Sync in the background

Another reason why this type of problems occur with notifications, it is because the synchronization in the background of the My Fit is disabled.

In this sense, there are many mobile devices that have a battery saving quite aggressive, limiting the role of other Apps in the background.

This may cause, in this case, the My Fit stop working or run randomly. The good thing is that it has a solution.

Suffice to go to the section “ Settings ” and then on “ Applications “. For immediately after the tab choose destined to the “ My Fit “.

At last this, head to the section called “ permissions ” or even to “ Battery “. And only have to check two options.

The first is that active find the form of “ Autostart ” and is either “ No restrictions “, of course, that within the window adjustments aimed at “ Second level “.

Enable call alerts

Ensure that call alerts are enabled, may be the solution when they do not vibrate notifications and therefore not warn Xiaomi Mi Band.

In this case, you should go towards the flange destined to the “ Profile “, and this give on the “ Incoming Calls “.

Now, to get notifications of calls arrive immediately, you will need to disable mode “ Delaying calls “.

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In addition, also choose to activate the other options are “ Alerts incoming calls ” and “ Show contact ” will help.

for more than one app: check the settings

This type of equipment has a whole ecosystem itself, and within the same, lots of compatible applications is included with it.

In this way, several of these Apps as Tools and My Band and Notifity and Fitness, enable adjust notifications Xiaomi Mi Band to the taste of the user .

To achieve this, will have to resort to notification settings for each application to verify the particular situation regarding the issue.

As for the procedure, you should first disable alerts on my own Fit , to prevent them from conflict.

Another aspect to consider is that, all other applications within My Band, rely on My Fit to work correctly, so you can not do without this last or uninstall it.

These are just some of the major problems Xiaomi Mi Band notifications that often occur and their possible solutions.

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