Registering Your Heart Rate And Sports Activities In Xiaomi Mi Band

 Register Heart Rhythm and sports Activities in Xiaomi Mi Band

The sport has become essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Make physical activity affects our bodies and improving their physical appearance with a healthy diet, strengthens our immune system reducing the possibility of disease.

In addition to being an effective method of relaxation for many people, places us in tune and disconnects us from the world. However, the technology tends to be present in every activity we perform, including exercises.

How to Register and Heart Rhythm sports Activities in Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band have become a great ally of persons with a thorough check of their routines. Thanks to the great technological advances, these smart bracelets not only allow you to answer calls and control your device several options, but also can be linked to your workouts and other activities .

The popularity of Xiaomi

This Asian brand has caused a stir worldwide. It has positioned itself in a very short time in one of the most popular and productive of the market.

The product range offers a wide variety of smartphones with a excellent quality-price ratio favorable for its users to its users. The philosophy of the company lies in working from something tiny, seeking progress by mastering qualities.

Bracelets intelligent

Imagine the possibility of owning an accessory aesthetically pleasing and turn performing functions were associated only smartphones is in the past.

 bracelets smart

Xiaomi has joined major brands such as Samsung and Huawei, in developing a smart bracelet that will undoubtedly facilitate any aspect of your daily life. Its comfortable design and incredible functionality, allows you to On, synchronize and monitor notifications on your mobile plus calls , controlling music playback and create reminders for events on your bracelet.

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However, their approach has been accurately monitoring training routines. Compatible with Android and IPhone , this bracelet intelligent devices lets you view from your heart rate, number of pulses, steps to calories burned and distance traveled.

Using the Xiaomi Mi Band

In the first instance, you should make a Sync your smart watch with your device Mobile .

Applications available on Play Store such as “ My Fit,” “My Body Composition Scale”, “Amazfit Verge” , are some that will carry out this synchronization, setting turn tools access to activity data.

Once the application is installed, the next step will start syncing to this you must:

  • Enable Bluetooth and places bracelet in configuration mode.
  • Locate the downloaded application and log in with your Gmail account.
  • Click the Add button and select the device to synchronize.
  • Once finished searching for the device, select it in the application.
  • Done! Your smart watches will be ready to use .

Heart rate and activities with Xiaomi Mi Band

Imagine you are out running and at the end of the day training, know how much you travel and how many calories you’ve burned, just amazing serious and is now entirely possible. Xiaomi bracelet intelligent, register sporting activity from the time it is placed in operation and after the synchronization process.

 heart Rate and activities Xiaomi Mi Band

But How do I set the device to record my heart rate? It is advisable to do is tell the SmartBand that type of activity is carried out. To do this, you must follow these instructions:

  1. Find from the menu of the device the “ Training
  2. Once located in the section, several choices of physical activities such as running to be displayed outdoors, on a treadmill, cycling, walking or doing exercises with weights.
  3. Then you need to select the type of training that you will carry out.
  4. The SmartBand start recording time, distance traveled, steps taken and more precise heart rate.
  5. Once completed your training time, you must pause to exit the activity, letting down the bottom of the screen SmartBand.
  6. The registration will be in detail on the mobile device through the application initially configured.
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    Similarly, you can learn how to alarm or alarm on my Xiaomi mi Band easily and quickly.

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