How To Remove Or Delete The Password Or Pin Lock My Xiaomi Mi Band

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The passwords on devices is a very good tool, we can keep the privacy of our devices some fun in our environment.

But in turn, there are people who for certain reasons sometimes need to remove a password, for example, when the device is shared with another person. Although there is usually unusual method which can be remove passwords .

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How to Remove or delete the password or Pin Lock my Xiaomi Mi Band

Is it difficult to remove the password of smart devices?

While in some cases tend to be a bit complicated action, all Android devices have a method which can remove the password. First we should know what operating system handles our device , since the methods change much between different systems available worldwide.

Then, we must investigate the exact model is the cell , as some people think it is enough to just know that brand is the cell, and the reality is very different to this idea.

What kind of operating system uses Xiaomi?

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All devices were launched by the Xiaomi use the MIUI operating system, which is based on the code that has Android, and this is an advantage for users with experience in Android.

As for efficiency that owns the operating system cell of Xiaomi brand, you could say that is good because it is worth noting that it is a system that targets cell of brands, so the emphasis goes to the same.

Is it just remove the block of the Xiaomi phone and accessory My Band?

Given that both operate a system whereby navigating with tactile touch , we could say that is similar and not simultaneously. On the one hand, we must always look for an icon where we can get all the device configurations, but on the other, the paths differ widely.

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What is the accessory My Band?

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My Band is a device shaped bracelet, which allows for a wide variety of tools and utilities from the screen that is included but it is very important activate and synchronize the Xiaomi mi Band bracelet with your mobile . Its main interesting features such as record heart rate and sport activities .

also can be connected with Xiaomi cell through an application, which allows different actions together to the cell, as they are receiving calls, messages and notifications, set location , set the alarm with your Xiaomi Mi Band .. it even has a good load capacity , so that one can hold up to 20 days of continuous and optimum operation

How to connect my bracelet My Band with my phone?

To do this you first need to download from the Play Store application My Fit , which is the tool that will allow us access to all configurations of the bracelet. Then, connect the device with the wrist through a Bluetooth network

If the connection is established correctly start a synchronization between the two teams. After that you just have to wait until synchronization is complete to proceed to customize various options to screen .

How to remove or delete the password or pin lock my Xiaomi Mi Band?

To remove the password must first bracelet access the application My Fit from the Xiaomi phone.

After that we navigate the interface and find the option that says (more) , after this we find the option that says Security and then screen lock . When we enter the option, we asked to enter the current password, then select the option to remove screen lock and go.

In this way, we will have then released bracelet without a password.

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Bracelets brand Xiaomi are very good, have a lot of features that make it a tool very functional . Therefore, it is a very good buy for anyone with frequent use of the devices of the brand.

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