How to Forward Multiple Emails at Once on Yahoo Mail

how to forward multiple emails at once on yahoo mail

Forwarding emails can be tedious, especially when the message list is long. If you use the Yahoo Mail service and want to perform this procedure without problems, we recommend you read this article, with which you will learn how to forward multiple emails at once on Yahoo Mail.

What is Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail is an email service created by the American company Yahoo in 1997. Yahoo Mail is cloud-based and allows users to access an inbox to read the messages they receive.

The platform has certain filters that prevent harmful commands sent by cyber attackers. In addition, Yahoo Mail enables quick and easy email management through the use of filters and applications. Users can easily send attachments in Yahoo Mail and organize them in a tray.

What is Yahoo Mail for?

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Yahoo Mail is a service to send and receive emails in apractical and simple way. Management of emails includes control and communications. Therefore, using these functions allows you to share messages and contacts.

Additionally, Yahoo Mail allows users to customize folders, including your messages, and search for keywords, dates, or contacts. It should be noted that this resource facilitates the search process for people on Yahoo in order to increase the usefulness of the service.

How to forward multiple emails at once on Yahoo Mail

If you want to forward multiple emails at once from Yahoo Mail you need to apply a change in the configuration of the service through a simple procedure that we explain below.

Enter your email account

The first step is to access the Yahoo website. Then locate the “Yahoo Mail” service to log into your Yahoo account with your username and password. A new window will appear with several sections.

Choose the “Mail” section, which features a purple envelope icon if you’ve already opened the session previously.

yahoo mail multiple 1

Access any folder

Now open any folder that contains the messages you’ll forward. To do this, go to the left of the panel and click on “Inbox”, “Unread” or “Starred”. After entering one of these trays, press and hold the “Ctrl” key while clicking each message that you want to forward.

Forward multiple emails at once

Once you have selected the contact list on Yahoo, click on the “Forward” button, and in the new window enter email addresses in the text box labeled “To”. Finally, write a title for the message with “Fw” and press the “Send” button.

Another option for emails forwarding

You can also forward multiple emails automatically from Yahoo Mail. To do this, click on the “Email Addresses” option.

You will see all the email addresses that you set up in your account, including Yahoo. Click on your account so you can review the different configuration options.

Set up your account to automatically forward emails

Choose the option “Enter your Yahoo Mail from anywhere”. Next, check the “Forward” box. In the “Shipping Address” text box enter your email where you want to send your messages, and then click “Check”.

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An image will immediately appear with a message in which you will have to explain how to verify and confirm the forwarding address. In this way, you can forward your emails automatically to another account from Yahoo Mail.


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