What Are The Exact Measurements For The Banner Youtube? – Free Psd Template


YouTube has ceased to be a platform only for the entertainment of people. With the passing of time, they have been implemented ons to provide greater versatility.

Best of all is that anyone can be a fundamental part of this community. That is why it is important to know what the exact measurements for the banner YouTube are.

Venture into one of the best ways to capture the attention of users who visit your YouTube channel. The image sells … a lot! So, all necessary advice to devise a perfect banner you’ll find it here.

Generate revenue with YouTube!

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The reason why you should know what the exact measurements are for YouTube banner is to generate revenue . The platform establishes minimum ranges of 4,000 hours of content and thousand subscribers. From there, you can start making your hobby something productive.

And what better way to attract that audience through the look of your channel? To do this, YouTube gives you amazing tools . » can create another channel YouTube with the same account , for example.

content youtube income

But all depends on the tastes, needs and content shared on channel . Depending on the job, it would be advisable add managers or employees in the YouTube channel . While, for the most versatile channels, you may create sections on my YouTube channel to organize your videos.

The banner on YouTube

To make a good marketing in one of the most popular platforms and visited the world, You need a very good image That’s what the banner. If you managed to charm a user with a video, it will want to visit your YouTube channel.

And guess what is the first thing you see … Exactly! The banner! That is why it is important to have sufficient knowledge of design to design one.

Yes, perfectly calmly … it might be something in what you can apply the trial and error . You will always have the ability to change the logo and banner of a YouTube channel from mobile Android or iPhone .

Formatting and measures for designing a banner on YouTube

If you want to learn how to design a banner for your YouTube channel, the perfect tool is Photoshop. Thanks to this software and files on PSD or Photoshop Document, you can make the perfect banner format.

But before you start designing, you must bear in mind the right for your banner on YouTube measures. The design you make must meet far × 1152 pixels 2048. Otherwise, your picture may be trimmed. Moreover, file size should not exceed 4MB .

Templates Free PSD

Since you know the program used, and the format of the file and the exact measurements for the banner YouTube … you still think that you do not have the resources or expertise needed to design? Do not worry! Fortunately, there are platforms that offer free templates in PSD format .

Thanks to the contributions made in these pages, you may find banner that best suits the style of your channel . Among the most frequented are:

  • Free PSD Files : Buttons, objects and templates PSD organized by category for your convenience
  • .

  • Designer First : A more professional platform in terms of content is concerned. At your disposal a wide variety of templates, fonts, icons, web elements and much more.

  • Freepik : Without a doubt, one of the best places to acquire PSD templates. It also has an interesting variety of ideas for logos and an extensive photo gallery.

youtube platform measures

It’s time to choose the perfect design for the banner YouTube!

With all these options available to you, is just that explore each for find the right . Regardless of the design you choose, remember that it must meet the exact measurements for the banner YouTube.

Thus, warrant that is displayed to perfection and, above all, to preserve quality. Begins to attract more subscribers to your channel with this important element.

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