Adding Managers And Employees In My Youtube Channel

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Entertainment is not just about fun, people who maintain channels on different platforms know audiovisual content. They took so seriously that YouTube does not tire to facilitate the tools and options that promote better work. The first is to add administrators and employees of your system.

This is why, this time, you know very important in the administration of your YouTube channel. If you already have a channel, or you plan to create one. So why are you still do not read? It really interest can reach.

The importance of YouTube today

With over two billion users worldwide, the flat – form audiovisual content , founded in 2005, it became one of the pillars of people regarding entertainment is concerned.

And it is You can get everything From cooking classes, electricity, carpentry, makeup, hair salon and computer, to stand up routines, video games, music and any other type of video you can imagine.

YouTube as marketing strategy

Since the inclusion of advertising, not only in flat – YouTube web but also in video playback.

In addition, payment made by the company within reach of a number of subscribers to the channel or to reach a certain number of views a video, many people have stopped seeing (both) on YouTube as a way entertained.

 youtube-marketing strategy

The ability to generate additional revenue has motivated many people who simply love to make videos to educate or entertain people, trying to offer not only the quality of materials, but also special attention to users who leave comments on the video.

This type of monitoring can not be as easy as you thought at first, because of time or simply because you are not too familiar with running a YouTube channel … what that respect?

Managers and employees: a way to lighten the load

Whatever the reason, there is nothing better than having peers or with a team that is fully capable to manage the YouTube account. Now the question that should be asked is: the account information of shares Should I


The answer is. No, YouTube gives you the tools necessary so you can add administrators and contributors to your channel without sharing information related to email and the key corresponding to the channel

How to add managers and employees in my YouTube channel?

You’d be surprised how simple it is! Just follow some simple steps to start adding or who can Manage your YouTube channel to improve service to subscribers through feedback and get help in loading videos.


The first thing to do is go to the your YouTube channel panel to do this, click the top of your profile icon to the right of your screen, click the gear icon.

  1. Once you enter the overview of your channel, click on the ” add or remove managers” appears in the “ Managers ” Control Panel.
  2. This action will lead a new window where you click “Manage Permissions”.
  3. Click the icon, now in the upper right corner of your screen to add a new director or employee.
  4. Enter the email of the person who can enter and manage your YouTube channel.
  5. Press the “ Invites “.

It’s easy!

In this way, the other will receive the invitation email and you can start managing your YouTube channel . Importantly, these permits can be revoked.

See how easy it was? Invites people involved to give a qualitative leap to your YouTube channel and stand out as one of the best, what do you expect?

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