Putting A Hidden Or Private Video On My Youtube Channel

 put private hidden video in youtube channel

Today we will see a fairly simple tutorial on how to put a hidden or private video on my YouTube channel . In addition, try to clarify what are the main differences between them.

How to Put a Video Hidden or Private on my YouTube channel

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Having a YouTube channel is relatively simple to day from today. What is not easy is to learn everything about it. Create it takes a few minutes. But the platform has so many options and possibilities that can take you a long time to be learning every detail of it.

From Miracomosehace we’ll teach what the difference between a hidden video and one private . In addition, to show you how you can do to set up your videos with the level of privacy you want.

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Put a hidden or private video on my YouTube channel

From YouTube Studio PC

  • The first thing you have to do is enter YouTube Studio . For this log and then click on your channel icon at the top right. A new menu with several options, here you will find YouTube Studio unfolds.
  • Now you must go to the column on the left and select « Videos «.
  • takes you to a page where you can see all the videos uploaded to your channel.
  • Open the video you want to edit.
  • If you look below you will see a section on « Visibility » press on the pen to edit.
  • Then you can choose whether to make it public, private or hidden.

From a cell

  • Open the app YouTube with your account.
  • In the tab « Library » have to go « My Videos «.
  • enables you view all videos uploaded to your channel . Now click on the icon of the three points for a small menu where you must choose the option « Edit » is displayed.
  • From the dropdown menu’ll have to choose « Privacy «. Here you can select whether you want this hidden or private.
  • To save all changes will have to press the arrow icon pointing to the right.

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How to hide a video from YouTube or private do

If you do not know really which of the two options to choose. If hidden or private, then we will see in detail what are the differences between the two to make it as clear as possible and can choose the one that suits you depending on what you want to achieve.

difference between a hidden and private video

private video can not be shared , also you can be added to a section of the channel, much less appear in search results or as recommended and nor as related video. In turn does not appear on your channel, in the feed subscribers nor can leave comments.

In short in a private video can not do anything because it is for you . However, one occult the situation changes because we are limited only a few things.

Unlisted videos do not appear in search results, as either related or recommendations. You can not see them in your channel list or subscribers will receive notification that was uploaded. What you can do is share it, add it to a section of your channel and leave comments.

So to summarize a bit: A private video is basically for you and for anyone else. While a hidden video can control who has access to it.

I hope this tutorial on how to put a hidden or private video on my YouTube channel You has been helpful. Remember we have a lot of tricks in Miracomosehace YouTube. We recommend you keep browsing the blog To learn more about the enormous world that envelops the platform most popular videos of the moment.

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