How To Avoid Leaving Comments On Youtube Disabling Comments?

 avoid leaving comments on YouTube disabling comments

Avoid leaving comments on YouTube is possible, though not enough, this page allows people to do it if you really do not want them in your content.

How Not to leave comments on YouTube Deactivating the comments

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With Youtube, it is even possible to place avoid links in comments hide or even likes or dislikes a video on YouTube , to name another example.

The revolution has taken video platforms and networks have become popular among many users. These are increasingly looking upload your edits to the web .

But possibly several of them are not receiving positive or constructive comments on their videos and no longer wish to have comments at all.

Platforms like YouTube allow block entry of comments to content that has been uploaded to your page is very simple and here we show how to do it.

Protect and hide elements of the videos

tools User protection of this website as well as security enable it to perform a variety of functions.

YouTube is a platform that cares about the people who make their community and gives them access to various tools to protect themselves from the « Cyber ​​bullying «.

In addition, each user has the power to disable comments on YouTube of others, as well as other things in the content they’ve uploaded to this website.

Whether because the video is not good enough in public opinion or handled a sensitive or controversial subject in it.

Be able to perform these functions and hide items from one or more specific videos, it is possible from settings YouTube Studio. For example, Hide the number of subscribers.

human eye

After logged on YouTube, the profile of the user or home page, which can show the videos you’ve uploaded, profile picture, subscribed channels, among others.

Parallel to the photo and name of the user, to the right side are two buttons « Customize profile » and « YouTube Studio «. You should select the second.

This will display a new page where you will find a list of content uploaded to the web, you should only choose the video you want to change.

A the access it, a section of edition will appear where you can make changes to the characteristics of the video as labels, name and the aforementioned elements.

Disable comments on YouTube

At the same editing menu which is accessed selecting the video, everything you need to customize the features of the balance owned.

In it you’ll find the basic settings and outposts, translations and many others, located in tabs just below a table showing the content.

To make the setting to disable comments on YouTube , you must go to the section « Advanced Settings «.

In this section, as a first option left will be located one markable box in the section « Comments » that says « Allow comments «.

The same, to the unchecked be, withdraw permission to have other people to comment on the video, blocking the possibility even for the owner of the content user.

Hide or lock other elements

In this menu you can also other related subscribers, « Like » and « changes I do not like, and achieved » as the location.

In the case of the famous finger finger up and down, you can make other people do not see the amount of either held by the video.

This does not mean that people can not assess the video, but simply not be able to see how many points positive or negative is.

The option to do this, as to the form shown in Table desmarcable within the section with the comment, « Advanced Settings «.

In fact, it’s under the section « Comments » and where applicable, this should get open to take effect.

Both adjustments are very practical, and as can be removed or uncheck if you need or want to have them again, only to reverse the process.

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