Changing The Quality Of The Videos On Youtube-Quick And Easy

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YouTube has become one of the virtual platforms more prominent in recent years, if we talk about videos. But navigating in a comfortable way by this network, it relies heavily on our internet if you have a slow connection then the videos will pause and will be in lower quality, but if our internet helps us, we can see video HD and even 4K .

Changing the Quality Videos on YouTube-Fast and Easy

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If you’re new to the world of internet and YouTube, sometimes it can be difficult to change basic options that brings this app like zoom in YouTube videos or change the resolution of the video. That’s why this time we will show change the quality of the videos on YouTube in an easy and fast way. In addition explain some important facts that you can not miss.

How to change the quality of the videos on YouTube

The steps to change video quality on YouTube is easy, what we will do is go to obviously first page or YouTube the application and then we enter the video you want to see.

This part will begin playing the video at the bottom right corner can see that you have the options of full screen, movie mode, player miniature settings, and subtitles. Let’s click to Settings

Here we will various options such as autoplay, annotations, playback speed, and finally quality subtitles. We will do as click .

The options vary, we can see 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p and 720p These are the most common resolutions that may appear depending on the video, there are other resolutions less common as 1080p, 2k and 4k but the latter mentioned rarely used today.

If our internet is a bit slow, we have to choose a low resolution for the video run smoothly. But if our internet is more fluid, can draw us closer to the higher resolutions as 1080.

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How YouTube started?

YouTube was created in February 2005 in California, some former employees of PayPal had the idea of ​​creating a video platform because by then it was difficult to share videos online.

Exactly on April 23 of the same year the first video for this platform you would rise, taking the title of Me at the Zoo which means “Me at the Zoo” , if you look on YouTube even video is active and available to the public.

It started back popular after people using MySpace at the time, could upload videos to YouTube from your mobile or PC and linking them to MySpace, then the NIKE company was the one that took the first step in placing an ad on the page, this call attention to other companies that then also begin to use YouTube as an advertising putting ads on videos.

For December the same year as YouTube generated 50 million visits a day. Already in August 2006 page grow so much that would reach 7000 million views in 24 hours. The MySpace pages and Google wanted to make their own video platform, but none came to have the success we had YouTube.

In October 2006, Google would purchase a YouTube by 1650millones dollars. Then two years later and about 40% of internet videos climbed on YouTube, making an announcement in a day cost about 175mil dollars homepage.

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A curious fact, YouTube is positioned in third place of the visited the world , causing more than 10 percent of Internet traffic.

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Finally we hope this article has been her pleasure however we would like to know Do you think YouTube has a good quality videos? , Is it still a good platform YouTube video? Leave your answers in the comments.

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