How To Change The Playback Speed Of A Youtube Video?

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Over the years this has highlighted video platform to any other existing network. The ability to change the playback speed of a YouTube video is one of its benefits.

Changing the playback speed a YouTube video

Since this is a feature that has been part of your system over the years, recently was enabled for any mobile device .

Since monetize YouTube videos easily channels to the fact watch YouTube videos in slow motion. This platform all it can within its limits.

In this way, have come to our hearts for allowing adjust playback videos to our needs and comfort while viewing.

What is the advantage that gives us this option?

In the case of the speed change is a factor that allows us to save time seeing a video or help slow it down to detail to some better way.

Although many people prefer to simply skip frames until you reach your point of interest, there are some who do not want to miss any time but need to advance the content.

The same generally applies to anyone who wants to do the opposite, which in turn allows us to change or maintain resolution even when these changes are made.

For this and many other reasons, it is necessary to learn the ways of take advantage of these options YouTube has provided its community .

Steps to achieve change speeds

The arrangement of change the playback speed of a video from Youtube, is summarized six changes or options that do not include normal speed.

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Thus, three are assigned to is set to get a slow motion , and the remaining three in turn are used to acquire a fast camera.

Because said speeds are set to choose as numbers (and some users are often confused), are defined as follows:

  • ( 2 ) is the highest speed, it is responsible for speeding twice the speed at which the video runs normally.
  • ( 1.50 ) is still fast, setting a 50% faster.
  • ( 1.25 ) is considered slightly faster, as only 25% faster playback speed.
  • ( 0.75 ) differs from others by being slightly slower, because only plays 75% of normal speed.
  • ( 0.50 ) is responsible for reducing the half normal speed.
  • Finally, the number zero point twenty-five ( 0.25 ) is considered the slowest of all, it only takes 25% of normal speed.

Change the speed from the computer

In order to change the playback speed of a YouTube video does not require many steps, it is easy and fast.

Mainly we enter the video you want to view, in order to find in its interface icon “ gear ” arranged in the bottom right.

 play YouTube videos

After locate and press on it, a menu where the option “ speed “, where you will find the options shown above and you only need to select the one that fits your needs will be demonstrated will open.

A wanting to undo the change, one must repeat the steps to return the video to normal speed.

Change the speed from the mobile app

There is a difference between the computer and the application is minimal, because really the same procedure is done on both sides.

The only way in which changes systematically is the way we access the menu, it is necessary to touch the screen to display the button “ Options ” it is shown in form of three vertical dots.

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So, you’ll never find the speed and you can select the one that best relate to your needs.

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