How To Clear The Entire History Of Youtube On Tv And Pc

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One of the most important platforms – forms around the world, is YouTube , which has now become the largest virtual videos of the space around the world, even is on the list of social networks used in 2020 because it has revolutionized the web with millions of users with daily access to your web to enjoy the best movies in the world.

Within the platform, we can find many   content, that we see, however, the platform has different tools every day and share with our friends, among which we can highlight its history, in which all the videos are stored as we have seen and the time remaining.

How do I delete all the history of YouTube on TV and PC

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This may sound controversial, because many users do not want this information shared or seen by other people, for this reason, many choose to delete these records and therefore much more comfortable with the use of the .

However, what many do not know is the fact that this information can be removed from any flat – form, whether on PC, your mobile device and even on television. To learn more about it in this article.

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Deleting YouTube history in the PC

Whatever device you are, how you access this flat – shape is similar at all, so it is likely that you familiar with the system operation Youtube PC why delete the YouTube history from your computer do the following:

  • Start by opening your browser and enter YouTube to post this sign goes to the Menu , which is distinguished by a flange with 3 lines, in open air, you can see an option says « History » and then you can see all the videos and content you posted in the YouTube platform
  • There you can see the «Delete entire history» press and everything be eliminated which saved the flat – form were inside, and   ready, everything has been eliminated forever

How to delete YouTube history on TV

In the flat – YouTube not only form can be accessed from your phone, but also can enter your TV, which is one of the most used options to use, because of the ease of viewing and the comfort it offers, if you are in that team and you want to remove the history of YouTube do the following:

  • Begin entering YouTube via your TV, then it proceeds to select the icon located on the lens and press the button Clear History
  • And voila, all you have displayed, it will be immediately deleted

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Deleting YouTube history on your phone

One of the ways the easiest with which you can delete all the History to your YouTube account on your phone mobile , since the same can access the mobile which greatly facilitates this task, if you want to know more about it, just follow the instructions below.

  • Start by inicar session in the YouTube app if you head in the game right screen can see a bar that has 3 points, press and see a menu where you find the « Settings » and from there go to open «History»
  • A’ve never reached that single point will locate the Clear History and once there select which list you want to delete, press accept and everything will be ready.

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