How To Create A Direct Link To Subscribe To My Youtube Channel?

Create a direct subscription link to a YouTube channel, it is useful to users of the platform because it sends followers future directly to the profile of the person.

How to Create a Direct Link Subscribe to my YouTube channel

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In short, if the content is good enough, can even How to win or get 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Dreaming is free.

This page video is the most used by Internet users in the world and has a lot of content uploaded by its users. you only search for videos in a YouTube channel you like and go.

These same make up the community of this website, and to gain some position are in the constant search for more followers or adherents. Whether sharing the videos they upload or creating direct links of their profiles for others to come and subscribe.

Those who run a blog on Blogger, including can add the YouTube subscribe button on its website without problems.

The latter alternative is possible by applying a small trick to show then segmented into simple steps.

Steps to create a direct subscription link to a YouTube channel

The first thing you should do, which is obvious is log on to the platform, which works directly with Google accounts .

Which leaves us two alternatives. The first is to enter YouTube page and locate the button « Sign in » in the upper right corner.

Then he asked the account data and the supply them is logged into the video platform satisfactorily.

While the second is to enter the link finder Google , also in the upper right corner is the place where you have to click to start. the data are supplied and continues.

 youtube subscription

Now, to create a direct link should go to the channel section , either from the button applications from Google or YouTube page.

Once there, fixed in showing the direction finder . For this case we use this example:


We set ourselves to the following appears in the last section of the link. View as = subscriber This small part must be remove and replace

It will be changed by this: sub_confirmation = 1. Leaving as result the following link:


In this way it will be generated, but still do not know if you’re ready or working properly, for that you must use an incognito window in Chrome.

In it, you are going to copy and paste the link will be created and « Enter » to be directed to the above address. If the link works, to the entering profile, will ask the person directly so if you want to subscribe or not.

Why is it so important to create a direct link?

Unlike other platforms, YouTube itself does not give you the option to generate a direct link to your profile , or indeed, of any specific.

It is more common for people who own content channels and upload constant copy and paste links to the latest videos on their social networks.

And others, to see and appreciate the video, you can redirected to the profile of the YouTuber clicking the icon of your photo, which usually is always visible when viewing content of your membership.

Another option is to find it from the Finder platform that will yield results (if the name is the same or next) desired channel.

But nothing more versatile than create a direct link through which you can access directly to the place where the button « Subscribe » is located, the same as all the content uploaded.

Therefore this method is most effective and, to some extent, how it can be safer. Since the advertising channel is not limited to a single video.

It may also be addressed by the user freely and using the strategy to promote your channel that suits you and work.

This way is free to create banners advertising to spread more broadly their profile, leaving no limitation whatsoever as to promote it.

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