Creating A Playlist On Youtube Without Taking Account

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Youtube is one of the platforms viewing video , most famous in the world. Within its digital spaces, you can find a vast amount of content and current worldwide trend , to which you can access easily.

One of the best tools you can find inside your platform, is creating a ‘playlist’ within that list, you can add as many videos as you want.

Creating a playlist on YouTube without having Account

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These lists usually can be classified and organized in the way you want. In the same way you can create these lists, you can also, share them with people who want and eliminate even in the case if necessary.

Also, the platform YouTube , you can add certain security measures or privacy, where are you as the owner of the list, who decides who may or may not see the contendió you’ve added this.

The process to be carried out in order to proceed with creating this easy list and this will teach you how to make both the mobile app , as on the website.

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it step by step to create a playlist

When you find within the YouTube platform and want to save a video to view it at another time, just follow these steps:

  1. Begin by logging into your YouTube account , once there, you just have to access or search the video you want to view or save.
  2. When you’re in the video, can display a small bar options, which will see a small sign «+»
  3. Once you ubiques, you just press it once and you will be displayed a list with a number of options: see later, save and add to a list
  4. .

  5. If you access this last option will open a small window where you can edit and add the videos you want. Within this window, also, you can edit the privacy of the list and choose who can and who can not see.
  6. Within that’ll be ready to make all the adjustments you want, the you name have a maximum of 150 characters. enables you to have complete control of the Security and privacy, as long as you make the settings manually. Also, all as described above, may be performed similarly from your mobile device using the mobile application.

    Once completed these steps and if you set up a list especially to the view a video you like, just press the symbol + and all options so you can choosing will open which more want. Here you can add all the videos you want without limits, equal to edit and configure them if necessary.

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    How to create a playlist within the app

    If you are inside your mobile and these in finding the right method to make a playlist, just follow these steps:

    1. Begin by opening the mobile application you have in your phone cell.
    2. Locate the video of your choice and post it open it normally.
    3. Once inside the video, you see the same options bar displayed on the Web version within the application.
    4. Here do the same procedure as explained above. Press the + symbol and select the list you want or otherwise create a new list by pressing the « new playlist » option.
    5. Once you have created the list or selected the list where you want to save the video, every time you open this option, you will see all those lists you’ve created and which can save your videos without any problem. You also have the option c rear backup from the list that you created for can support all the content that this has.

      This option is not only excellent for storing music , but also for those who are studying and want to save some lecture or online classes so viewing on another occasion.

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