How To Blur Faces And Objects Quickly On Youtube

 defocus face objects as youTube

Currently, there are many who are joining the new profession or trade that exists and is due to the YouTube platform. These are called YouTuber, these are the ones who are responsible for creating videos and mount them on the platform.

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How Blurring Faces and Objects quickly on YouTube

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If you wish to join them and start creating videos will teach you a technique that will be very useful. In the following tutorial learn How to blur faces and objects quickly on YouTube.

If you want to enter the world of creating videos for YouTube in your channel is good to know some techniques that will allow you to avoid mistakes when uploading them to the platform. Because I tell you this, is that blur is sometimes done to hide the identity of people who appear in your video.

It is also used to avoid having problems author rights, because without want, you could record an object or product brand that you are not authorized to spread your videos. The truth is that this tutorial will teach you a quick and easy way to quickly blur faces and objects on YouTube.

 defocus face youtube

How to blur faces and objects quickly on YouTube

So you can quickly blur faces and objects in YouTube , we will teach you a technique that can, without using another tool. This we will do with the same platform YouTube, offering a completely free choice for this and then we’ll tell you like you can use in your videos.

To start you have to enter your YouTube channel , when you get there we will use a tool platform, called Creator Studio. Is the can find, if you go to the top right of your screen and make clip on your channel icon that is the side of the bell notifications.

In doing this seems a small box and there is the option Creator Studio, make clip on it, this action will take you to another window. Here you’ll head left and go part to select the Video Manager. In doing this, you show all those videos you’ve uploaded so far.

At this time’ll select the video you want to give the difuminarían, for this you do clip in the Modify option. This will take you to another window and see the video with several options on top, they’re going to look for improvements. You make clip on it and this which will start playing the video automatically.

On the left side of the video can see that there are several options with them can make changes to your video. One of them is blurring, then we pause the video and let us lead this part of the screen and we will find the option to blur effect. We clip on it and this will present new options.

Options falloff Face on YouTube

We will see two, one is Smudge face and the other option is personalized Blurring, in our case we will not choose to blur his face. Since this option will blur all faces appear automatically. Then we will choose the Custom falloff and we can choose which part of the video we want to blur.

And so can Blur not only faces but also any object you want. Then we make the option clip Edit video, which is personalized difuminarían side. A Doing this will show us a window with the video and we must choose the minute and second where the object appears or face to blur.

 defocus objects youtube

When ubiques, pauses the video and the cursor dragging creates a rectangular figure until it covers the object or the face and then loose. The image will fade immediately. At the bottom of the video it will display a small indicator and it’ll calibrate the dithering and end time. And so we’ve taught how quickly blur faces and objects on YouTube.

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