How To Remove All Subscriptions To Youtube Channels?

 delete all channel subscriptions YouTube

If you’re tired of notifications users who or if you want to see, then you can delete all subscriptions to YouTube channels.

How to Remove All subscriptions to YouTube channels

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When it comes to unsubscribe, you can immediately think delete a Netflix subscription or revocation at Hulu. However, in the case of YouTube channels, it is not so methodical.

YouTube Subscriptions to facilitate the monitoring of newly released videos of your favorite channels.

As you subscriptions accumulate, or lose interest in some of your subscribed channels with the passage of time, it may be necessary unsubscribe from certain YouTube channels to not clutter your videos videos in your subscriptions section.

Learn to unsubscribe from a channel is as easy as subscribing to it first. To learn how to remove all subscriptions to YouTube channels, read on.

Cancel all subscriptions to YouTube channels

To subscribe to the channel of another user YouTube is automatically added to the home page link video thumbnails uploaded video clips and favorite music the user.

If your interests change and you do not want to see the uploads for these users, plus favorite videos subscribed users.

You can then delete all subscriptions to YouTube channels in the section “ Subscriptions ” in your YouTube home page.

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  • Enter YouTube to open your homepage.
  • You must select the option “ Subscriptions ” you found in the toolbar at the top of the official website. YouTube displays the latest video loads each of your subscriptions in the main part of the page.

 subscription removed

  • Scroll down the page to find the subscription you want to delete. If you can not find the subscription on the first page, click the “ Upload more videos ” button at the bottom of the page to find additional subscriptions.
  • Click the username link that appears above the subscription you want to delete. YouTube opens the homepage of the user channel.
  • Click the button with the down arrow next to “ Subscribed ” in the top of the channel page.
  • Click on the red link “ Cancel subscription ” in the lower right corner of the gray options panel to remove YouTube subscription.


It should be clarified that existed before the option to delete all channels in a single option, now no longer have this option .

To do this, you need to enter each user and then perform unsubscribe from the user in question.

Allowing you can watch the content on that channel, in case you forgot and do not make the mistake of deleting the channel did not want to delete.

The downside (so to say) is that if you have many subscribed channels probably going to take hours to remove all or eliminate a considerable amount of channels.

Delete subscription faster using the Subscription Manager

One option that you can use to remove subscriptions is with the Subscription Manager found on the website YouTube to see all your subscriptions.

Although there can unsubscribe from mass channels, you can select the Subscribed button at the side of each channel to confirm that you want to unsubscribe.

All this without the need to enter the site or website YouTube user. Another way to effect removal is in case you are watching a video and decide you want to unsubscribe from the channel.

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You can select the “ Subscribed ” link located directly below the video and right of the name of the channel, then select the “ Cancel subscription ” and ready.

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