How To Remove A Youtube Channel Correctly From Pc Forever

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There is no doubt that, creating some content on YouTube, our intention is that this is quality, our satisfaction and that of the public. But sometimes it does not come out as well as we expect. So here we show How to remove a YouTube channel correctly from PC forever .

Deleting a YouTube channel rightly From PC Forever

How can I remove a YouTube channel correctly from PC forever?

Today, thanks to advances in the social networking sites like YouTube , you may be learning with trial and error. In fact, this platform allows us to its users delete a channel if you so desire. The remove a YouTube channel once and for all from PC, it’s easier than you think. To achieve this you just have to follow a few steps.

What should I consider before deleting a YouTube channel permanently?

There are certain things you should consider before making this important decision in your YouTube channel. For example you should remember that, eliminating the YouTube channel you want him will be removed all the content of the same. Videos, followers, comments, playlists, etc.

 Delete Youtube channel from PC

We also must keep in mind that this is an action that can not be reversed , so you must be absolutely sure you want to make that decision. Therefore, we recommend that you analyze whether you really want to just remove a video from your YouTube channel and decide what is the best for your channel.

Steps to remove a YouTube channel permanently

The steps you need to follow to remove a YouTube channel are correctly really simple . What you have to do is:

  • Sign in to YouTube from the account of the channel you want to delete. Remember that you log on to YouTube with your Google account or not.
  • Click on the top right corner of the screen, where your account picture.
  • Once there, click “ Settings “.
  • In the part of “Your account”, select the option “ Show advanced settings “.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click the option that says “Delete channel”.
  • Give the data you requested in the boxes below to confirm your action.
  • Finally, click on “Delete my channel.”

That’s it! Once a’ve followed all the steps to the letter, you can be sure you’ve removed the channel you chose once and for all from your PC.

How I can hide temporarily a YouTube channel?

You may, for one reason or another, do not want to delete your YouTube channel once, but hide your YouTube channel temporarily from the view of other users of this social network. Either because you want to improve your content and then verify your YouTube channel , or because they simply this time do not want to continue using it; to hide just follow a few simple steps.

The steps you have to follow are:

  • Sign in to the YouTube channel you want to hide temporarily.
  • Access to advanced settings the same.
  • Click “ Clear Channel ‘, as this option will take you to a page where you can choose to delete the channel and hide it for a while.
  • Click on “ I want to hide my channel “.
  • Give the data you requested there to confirm your action.
  • Finally, click “Hide my channel.”

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From now on, it will not be possible for someone besides you can get access to the content of the channel you hid. You can keep your channel in this way by the time you want. Of course, if your taste, you can restore the previous visibility of your channel so you want it. Thus, it will be again exposed to the public.

Remember that YouTube also allows you to perform other actions to adapt your channel to your needs and desires. For example, did you know that can hide the number of subscribers to your channel , or put labels location to your videos? The possibilities are almost endless.

Now you know. If some day want to remove a YouTube channel correctly from PC forever or temporarily, do not worry, it is possible with these simple steps. There is no doubt that if you ignore this advice, you will not have no problem to do so.

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