Making An Animated Outro For A Youtube Channel From Android


Insert an animated outro within video has become very popular over the last few years, where video bloggers every day become more famous because of its innovative and entertaining content.

Whether for the purpose of get most views in old videos & nbsp , which have been published in the channel, these small issues are very useful for users of YouTube


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That’s why every day you can see that the end of the video, always a sequence of sounds and images that invite you to click on other links appear.

That is why if you find yourself interested in inserting this kind of idea in your channel, but do not know how, through this brief and rapid’ll explanation enhance editing and attraction to your channel , to possess a more professional look.

What is an animated outro?

As its name suggests, a «outro» is nothing more than a short video indicates the conclusion of a content , because it is just off the play that takes a certain period seeing time.

YouTube users use it with security and frequency as it is what allows them recommend the content of its own channel , causing viewers to stay for longer within the channel.

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In other words, to the like warnings that are inserted to the beginning or middle of a video , the outro serve as a method of link that will take viewers to other content related to the multimedia has been displaying throughout this time.

That is why insert an animated outro is really positive for the channel who applied for prevents bouncing users , because it encourages continue to enjoy the topics handled by the owner of the channel.

What do you need to design animated outro within your YouTube video?

Programs that can be used are in-store discharge devices, free , enabling a creative space for those who have little knowledge of this work.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have both tools, as the explanation reflected in this article has been based on both software.

Primarily you should know that usually the outro feature a number of elements that describe the content to display to prompt a series of actions within the channel.

The first software to use is called « Pixel Lab «, whose function is simply to create the elements that will be part of the final editing your video, integrating allowing letters, icons, drawings, among others.

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Similarly, the second program to use is called « KineMaster » and is nothing more than a video editor for Android that lets you attach the effect and text. Note that this animation can be displayed even when the floating YouTube or minimized window is set.

Edit your animated outro within KineMaster

Once you have found all the elements that make your outro, KineMaster be responsible for receiving importing animation or video selected, and insert the layer sequence representing each texts and video templates you want to insert.

Each of these designs can be modified animations you prefer , and lower based on the same quality, then join the end of your video.

In this way, and once this design unified with the content you want to post on your channel, you will see the fabulous results you have achieved with the outro inserted to the end of the video.

At the end of & nbsp; the creation of your animated outro, you evaluate how the number of reproductions significantly, so you just have to take care of each insert your future videos to start increasing your popularity within this great social network.

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