Hide The Chat Videos Streamed Live On Youtube

YouTube is a viewing platform that gives users the ability to access and enjoy their diverse content. It was initially created in order that young people share their daily activities through videos with other friends. But people shared all kinds of material, so it was deviating from the initial idea but gaining more profit.

Hide the chat transmitted live on YouTube Videos

Today is have access to all kinds of information through YouTube. It can be said that this medium works as a search engine. But instead of offering content of text or images, uses videos.

Here, the user can search videos   music and songs of your favorite artists, movie trailer brand new video tutorials how to cook a dish or do any other activity. Similarly and one of the things that most often done by YouTube is live stream videos.

How to hide the chat videos streamed live on YouTube?

 Youtube Video chat

YouTube has become an interactive, educational and entertainment medium. So it is as platforms of choice regarding media playing videos. It is estimated that daily access more than two million users to the website in the world.

The most important virtue perhaps, is that YouTube allows any user to create their own YouTube channel easily. You will only be required email account and fill out a personal information form. This has given rise to very famous “YouTubers” . &Nbsp; Then if you want to can change the description of your channel.

Given a youtuber is a user who has developed a YouTube channel to create and share content with other users. According to the number of subscribers that accumulates channel is successful it will reflect, and even you receive payment for maintaining channel.

There are now very famous climbing youtubers content almost daily, either in kitchen subjects, makeup, cosmetics, entertainment, entertainment and more.

All of these activities have turned YouTube in a social network you can create groups in people access to see new videos and interact with your favorite YouTubers. And has even implemented a new option where people can broadcast live , all you are doing and even set up a conversation between viewers transmission.

Steps to hide the chat videos streamed live on YouTube

 youtube video animated

Normally YouTube platform has a previous configuration to set the chat or group chat on the video screen while it is transmitting. This can be annoying to some, as it makes visualization in space where (right hand section) is shown.

However this can be easily modified by following a few simple steps that will be explained below. And the best part is that it will not take too long:

Enter in the transmission of live video and position yourself in the top right corner of the screen. There are different settings icons. But we’ll need to be the first. Which it is identified with a shape that resembles the cloud text .

At the press on this icon we see that a diagonal line appears as “tachón” and turn disappears chat or group conversation. To enable the display of this single will again be necessary to press the icon again.

In this way, if you followed the steps correctly, hide the chat achieved when a YouTube video is live.

Youtube customization options

YouTube also offers some customization options for live chats. As the archive conversations , so that they are displayed again along with playback of the video. Another option is to choose how how chats are displayed. There are two ways:

The top chat : This display type offers the ability to filter messages that can be considered spam or content of little use. So the chat is more profitable.

Chat : This view shows all messages that are written by observers are shown. Unfiltered perform data analysis.

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