How Easily Hide Like Or Dislike A Video On Youtube?

 easily hide like or dislike a video on YouTube

Did you know that can hide a like or dislike video YouTube of any of your videos? We show you how in this easy guide.

In the same way that have and get more likes and reactions or also saber who favorited my Tweets , Youtube reputation is valuable and treasured.

A being connected to YouTube at the top right is the your channel logo in the window of the page. A Selecting this option will have the option to enter YouTube Studio .

How to Hide Like or dislike It easily a Video on YouTube

Since this option can perform many Settings to your YouTube videos, So read on to teach you to hide like or dislike a video on YouTube.

Hide like or dislike your videos

Hide like or dislike of a video on YouTube is quite simple, although it is an easy option to miss if you’re not planning to use it.

It is also an option for each video, so if you want to change the Settings of all videos on your channel, you’ll be at it for a while.

For obvious reasons, can not hide the accounts of “I like” and “do not like” a video that is not yours . From there, you have two options.

First option: Edit video

  • Go to the video you want to edit. If you are logged into the correct account, above accounts “ Like ” and “ I do not like “, you’ll see two options.
  • One is labeled as analytical, and the other as “ Edit video “.
  • Click on “Edit Video” and setup will load your YouTube Studio.

Second option: YouTube Studio

  • In the upper right corner of your YouTube account on any page of the site, see your Avatar .
  • Click it and you’ll see a dropdown menu with various shortcuts and options that you want to use again.
  • Click the called “ YouTube Studio “. This will take you to the control panel of your YouTube Studio.

After using either of the two options

Once you’re in the Studio panel YouTube, look to the left of the page and click on the section “ Videos ” in the sidebar.

Then find the video you want to edit and click on the title of it. This will take you to the page of the video with the basic information of the same.

Regardless of how you’ve reached page editing video, you need to click the “ Advanced ” tab at the top.

This will show your video advanced options, including the ability to change your license, recording date, language video, etc.

Scroll down and look for the option that says “Users can see the ratings of this video “.

By default, this box is checked. If you want to hide what you like and what you do not like the video, simply uncheck the box and save the changes .

Now, if you go back to the video, you’ll see buttons “ Like ” and “ do not like ” are now just words, they do not have the numbers each they had before.

Why hide I like and do not like about YouTube?

From the perspective of the viewer, if not you can see I like and do not like in a video, there is a burning question that will be on your head.

And why? A less arouses curiosity because most people will find it a little suspicious.

The conclusion will probably default to reach viewers it is that the creator of the video has hidden public statistics because there are too many things that do not like in the video.

They do not want viewers to see. This often falls into the same question why the YouTube creators hide their own subscribers.

On the other hand, in defense of the video creator , sometimes your videos are being maliciously attacked by random numbers massive trouble, they can not control.

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