How To Make A Youtube Video Automatically Repeat | Auto Replay For Youtube

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With so much variety of good content on YouTube is normal that, finding a good video, want to repeat again and again. Today you are lucky, because right here we show how to make a YouTube video automatically repeat really simple.

For years YouTube has become a very famous website due to the amount of content it offers, in fact has become a source of work for many users worldwide. In addition to this, not only offers videos but also has many features that make it easier to use either the page or mobile app. For example, we can enable obscurely YouTube Android or PC to our view not you tire much as we enjoy the videos.

On the other hand, as for smartphones can watch YouTube videos floating window, which allows us the use miniature video while other applications simultaneously.

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Although not a function such as YouTube, have the option to download videos from YouTube 4K without programs to enjoy our favorite content without having to be connected to the Internet.

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How to Make a YouTube Video Repeat Automatically | Auto Replay for YouTube

Today, we see that thanks to advances in technology it is possible to achieve almost anything you set your mind. And there is no doubt that YouTube have not been left behind, as there is more than one way to accomplish a YouTube video automatically repeat .

How can I make a YouTube video is repeated many times since my computer?

These days, most of us have access to YouTube from a computer. If so, you will not have no problem to make a YouTube video automatically repeat from your device with the following steps:

  • Enter the official website YouTube.
  • Log into your account.
  • Choose the video you want to repeat automatically.
  • Once you’ve opened the video, right click on the player of the same.
  • When you a menu of options, select the one that says « Loop » is displayed.

That’s all. When finished playing the video you chose, this will be repeated automatically, as you want.

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If you do not have a computer, you may wonder how to make a video of YouTube will automatically repeat on your mobile device. No problem, here’s how you can do it with simple steps.

How to automatically repeat a YouTube video on an Android device?

Since this function is not available in the YouTube app for Android, to activate it is necessary to enter the page via the browser of your Android device .

Once inside, the steps you have to follow are:

  • Click on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner of the YouTube homepage.
  • When you see the pop-up menu which goes to the click that icon, select the « Desktop » option YouTube upload it to your desktop version.
  • Once there, look for the video you want to play.
  • When the video is playing, you press for a while this window to display a pop-up menu.
  • A having this open menu, click the option that says «loop».

Done! Once a’ve completed these steps, the video that you chose will repeat automatically.

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How to repeat a YouTube video on an iPhone?

The steps to enable this feature on an iPhone are really simple .

A the same as on Android devices, the iPhone YouTube application gives no direct option to automatically repeat the videos you want. However, it is possible to achieve creating a playlist with this video.

What you have to do to achieve this is:

  • Download and open the YouTube app on your iPhone .
  • Log into your account.
  • Select and open the video you want to repeat.
  • Once opened the video, looks in the window that lies beneath this and click « Add to «.
  • You will be given several options, but you must select the one that says «Create a new playlist».
  • Call his name to this new list and confirm your action.
  • Once created the new list play, look for it in «Library».
  • Select the playlist you created and play the video .
  • You see certain icons in the options bar of the new playlist, click the icon loop.

Now, whenever you want to play the video and automatically repeat, you have to do is find this useful playlist.

This option is also useful if you want YouTube listen in the background on Android and iPhone , because you can hear the same song without do you manually repeat.

Now you know: it’s really easy to get a YouTube video automatically repeat. If you follow these steps, there is no doubt that you will succeed no problem .

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