How To Put A Video Or Trailer Home On My Youtube Channel? -Easy Step

When it has a YouTube account , it becomes almost obligatory to start a video or trailer on my YouTube channel for subscribers can get an idea of ​​the content found there.

How to Put a Home or trailer Video my Channel YouTube-Step Easy

It looks a bit like the process to put thumbnails customized videos on YouTube or also create and display a final . Only instead of introduction are used at the conclusion of the video.

This method of advertising, to call it somehow works for new “ Followers ” that have just entered the channel of a user.

A video to see the start, you will see a preview or fragment to get an idea of ​​what the channel and share content.

It is an easy way to catch users without a tour of all the videos that have been posted done. It is simple and here shows how.

Steps to put a video or trailer home on my YouTube channel

Before you can start to put a video or channel trailer, you probably first need to activate the option to customize the channel.

Sometimes it is not enabled by default, and the channel owner within the same settings, you must mark it to be possible.

This requires login and then enter the YouTube channel, that can be achieved from the same page video platform.

A entering the tab “ Home ” in the channel, a section where you can edit, crop videos start for new users, as those who have already signed and re-enter.

If this is not the case, head to the gear that is located on the right just part of the side of the subscribe button and the number of people subscribed.


A the selected, a small pop-up window in which there will be customization options and privacy desmarcables appear.

The first section of the latter will be mentioned, and below this, there will be a choice that says “ Customize the layout of the channel “. If it is gray, it must be activated.

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Set start a video for new subscribers

At the time of enable customization of the channel at the exit settings, a section will appear at the top consists of two tabs.

This segment is used to insert the video input or trailer that users will see when entering the channel.

To put a home video targeting new subscribers, you must select the second tab in this section, with the order from right to left.

A box where it is a message that says “ It welcomes visitors do not subscribe to your channel ” In the same appear should be a video, and to one side.

In the aforementioned box is a button that says “ Advance channel ” with plus sign or addition, there must be pressed to proceed.

Then a pop-up window which will have a series of videos, which are those who have recently uploaded will be displayed.

In this window suggests you choose an audiovisual product within your channel to represent it or describe it perfectly.

You can choose to search the video that needs exploring with the wheel of the mouse or by placing the name of the same. A certain time what will be, is selected with the pointer and, at the bottom of the window the “ Save “.

option is selected

 black and white youtube

Place a video input for visitors and subscribers

The procedure to start a video for Subscribers who are visiting the channel again is exactly the same as the previous one.

Only this time, in the section where it is placed, it will choose the first tab instead of the second, that says “ For subscribers returning “.

From there only to do the same procedure, we must remember that in this case the same conditions apply for new users.

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You must use content that encourages the subscriber to remain in the channel or to continue to view content and rate it and share it.

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