Viewing The Channels That I Subscribe To Youtube From Pc

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Today we will see How to watch channels that I subscribe to YouTube from PC . Each therefore does not hurt a bit to manage all content to which we are exposed every time we enter YouTube to hang out.

How to view channels that I subscribe on YouTube From PC

YouTube has a huge amount of content. thousands of hours of videos you can enjoy a greater or lesser extent are added every day. Common thing is we all do when we like the content of a channel, we subscribe.

Subscriptions are basically to be attentive to what I said new channel will go up. Especially if we decide to activate the bell to reach us all notifications of new content that is uploaded.

The problem is that with the passage of time we accumulate subscriptions to channels that are not perhaps already active or upload content that is not interesting to us. What can we do? watch the channels that I subscribe to YouTube from PC and eliminate those that we are not interested .

Luckily from the same YT can access a complete list of all the channels that continue to decide whether to stop or keep follow. It’s a simple list that can be accessed with a few clicks within seconds.

Follow this tutorial step by step and in minutes you can manage all the channels that are following . It’s not all that complicated and if you follow our instructions hardest thing will be choose which channels are going to keep on your list which are deleting.

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How to view all the channels that I subscribed to YouTube

  • The first thing to do is enter YouTube website and login.
  • From the home page we’ll have to turn to the left menu .
  • will see three main options: homepage, trends and subscriptions . We just have to click on the latest in subscriptions.
  • Once we click on that option will see all videos from the channels you are subscribed.
  • But to view the channel itself, what we have to do is look for the option that says “ Manage ” in the upper right.
  • Now you can see all channels that you subscribe to YouTube .

You can visit each of them. Remove subscription or activate the campanita to receive all notifications from this channel. In a nutshell can manage without problems.

 activate subscriptions campanita

How to see all my subscriptions on YouTube

The list of channels that you will see in this section is entirely private management . No one can see what channels these subscribers and less access to this list. From here you can choose if you want to stay subscribed to these channels or otherwise remove them.

If you want to delete some and then you regret. Do not worry because the only thing you have to do is look back and resubscribe. There is no kind of problem or limitation in that sense .

It is possible that the channel list is large enough to appear and show you all that you ever subscribed. Which can lead to slightly delay the page to load depending on the power of your computer.

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However, this is the best way to watch the channels that I subscribe to YouTube from PC . As you can see it is quite easy and accessible on all things. You do not have many more options this section since neither is missing.

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