How To See And Comment On The Youtube App? | Android Or Ios

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More and more people use their smartphones for consuming content on the web. A doubt that there is usually around how they look and how to comment on the YouTube app .

How to view and comment on the YouTube app | Android or iOS

Whether the device has a operating system iOS or Android operating system, the official application works similarly, so you get to see or comment will be like.

Where to see the comments in the YouTube app

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While on the web, the comments are to the naked eye, when it has the YouTube mobile app can be a little confusing location .

And while it’s nothing to the other world, some users have come up or have not given to this section. Thus, you may think it is disabled.

What we do not know is that it’s easier to put watermark on videos YouTube and does not take too long.

Well, the only thing to do to access or to view comments in this application, is starting to run it.

Next, and then logged (if necessary), proceed to open the video in which you want to view comments.

Next, you will see that beneath it, the title and the information is located, and alongside this, there will be a small arrow is usually thought for comments.

Well, it’s not. Said arrow only will display the description and other information that the author has the opportunity to place your video.

And just below this, start list and shortcuts to other similar content or recurring vision where thumbnails and names are.

Now, to see the comments in the YouTube app from any computer, one that will move the view until the great videos end up .

Comments are useful to have a final estimate of know who see the videos on YouTube. a useful tool to own notion of the channel is handled.

 know who watch videos

Thus, appear the comments made in the publication in question , and no problem with them.

If, on the other hand, does not see any comment, probably will be because no one has published any yet, or have been disabled for publication.

How can I comment?

A the same as in the previous case, you must enter the YouTube app in the mobile equipment, and have signed in.

Then you have to search and clicking on the video you want to comment, so it’s shown. Similarly, observe the audiovisual material and the title and description below it, followed by the recommended settings.

Well, to make a comment, you first must reach section thereof. Is achieved looking down to after suggestion content .

A finding comments, there are two ways to proceed. The first consists of responding to a comment that someone else has already done.

Consequently, you will need to click on the message you want to reply , to which the writing box will be exposed and only proceed to write and publish.

 comment on youtube

On the other hand, if you want to make a separate review, ie new one. You just have to locate and select the form « Add a public comment «.

This button will be blue, and likewise let the user can enter the desired message then to publish it. In addition, and the same as in the previous case, if no comments have been disabled for the video, but there is none, we could be the first to comment.

As we said, this way to make a comment on the App YouTube is applicable for different devices, you whether of Android or iOS , whether smartphones or tablets.

What if recommended, is keep the application in question always in the latest update developers submit, to avoid any compatibility failure.

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