How To Watch Youtube Videos Floating Window From Telegram Android?

 watch YouTube videos floating window from Android Telegram

Many people likes YouTube , but it bothers them off your screen and play, why they would like to see YouTube videos floating window from Android Telegram stops.

Viewing Videos YouTube Android Floating Window from Telegram

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You could say that a lot of people use everyday to listen to music or entertainment . It has easily become my main source of entertainment.

But as we have said, there is one thing that bothers me, is that you can play YouTube videos not in your phone in the background or lock screen.

Fortunately, there is a pretty good solution you can use to avoid this restriction , and all you need to Telegram using the application, even without phone.

Set Telegram to use the floating window

This is the procedure that must be performed to watch YouTube videos floating window from Telegram and you can even keep listening to the lock screen.

  • To start downloading must make the application of Telegram from the Play Store if you do not have it on your mobile.
  • Now you will open a chat with you same (or the user welcome Telegram) and paste a link to the video you want to play in the background.
  • Once you click play, Telegram gives you the option to open the video in a floating window by clicking on the highlighted button.
  • you

  • will be asked to authorize Telegram for video playback mode floating window.
  • You must select “ Settings ” in the pop-up message, and then enable “ Show on other applications ” option.

floating window

  • Re-Telegram and play the video YouTube you want on the floating window mode.
  • You can now lock your screen and the video will now play in the background.

Unfortunately, this trick only works on devices with Android operating system href=””> so the < a href = “”> iOs users will have to find another solution.

Also note that playing in the background is compatible with the Premium service YouTube . If you do not want to pay the premium service, possess this alternative.

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The application Telegram

For people who do not know the application Telegram, can say that is the main competitor of WhatsApp with respect to instant messaging.

Telegram has distinguished itself in recent years by the large number of modifications and does not provide access from your application.

For connoisseurs of this application, know that you endless possibilities , from specific groups to find any area that you like it.

You can find groups for people who love movies where you talk about movies and not just talk, because also can be shared movies via chat .

And endless choices over which has its main competitor, also gives you the option to watch YouTube videos floating window from Telegram, as you are already commenting.

No doubt I recommend you give him a chance to this application that gradually you will encounter all the features available, and you can squeeze in full for better enjoyment.

Floating Window

The advantage of using this option by Telegram is floating window that not only works within the same application.

You can also leave application and resume playing your video , you can even access any application on your device and still be running the floating window.

In addition to the advantage of off the to save battery and keep listening to your favorite music without interruption.

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The only detail is that this window can not be removed, you can not resize by automatically cease to reproduce. And for the moment this option is not available on iOs.

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