How To Set Up And Invite Someone To My Direct Youtube

 set up and invite someone to my YouTube live

The world of videos is also kept in constant change, so increasingly have new features, this is the possibility of inviting people to a Direct YouTube .

As you may broadcast live by Instagram or broadcast live by Facebook , Youtube has not lagged behind and incorporated this new form


In this sense, especially for those who are YouTuber, this mode is very practical and really learn how to do it easily.

How to Configure and invite someone to my YouTube Direct

Set up direct to invite people

Before you can start inviting people to a YouTube live must be properly set up this platform to allow us to carry out.

This website, only allows 10 users stay connected parallel participating in a live broadcast. That is, besides the YouTuber that generates, this may include only 9 other people, so you must choose wisely.

Basically, the transmission would be like a video conference with the particularity that although only invited users to participate, others will see it. To do this you must have a YouTube channel to start such events.

Steps for configuration

Next, you must click on the profile icon located on the top right of the screen.

opens the user menu, and just below the account name, the “ Creator Studio ” option, which appear to be chosen.

Immediately, on the side panel will place us in the session “ Live streaming “, within which we will click on the “ Events ” option.


This will allow to be displayed on the display section dedicated to events, in the middle of it will be the “ Schedule a new event


Thus, giving the previous election, the panel or sheet preconfigure to begin broadcasting live displays. This title is determined, the start date, who you want to share, and most importantly the type of transmission.

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Finally this, you should choose to check the “ Quick ” using Hangouts live is the only one allowed to invite people to a YouTube live.

That is, basically you’ll be doing directly from Hangouts but through your channel Youtube within a few simple steps.

Finally choose “ Create Event ” in the upper right of the screen is the button in question.

Invite people to live YouTube

After configured and set up the event, we will meet again in the section “ Event “, where we can see who is scheduled.

A the get the time and date on which it is supposed to start it, you must press the button located on the lower right side of the title of the event.

This is achieved as “ Start Hangouts live “. It will charging the selected action, and once in the window, you have a panel menu or higher.

Within the latter, there will be options and activate the camera, turn off or on the microphone, and we are interested in “ Invite others “, which is on the left side.

A the to click a window in which the ability to send directly shows the invitation to someone will appear.

To do this, you must write the email of the same or same, and then select the “ Invite ” button at the bottom.

In this way, the individual who sent the invitation you receive a video call from Hangouts, this can be both mobile and email.

The same must “ Answer ” call if from Gmail will appear in the left pane right in Hangouts section.

Using a link

After pressing “ Start Hangouts live ” and locate the top panel with the settings, you must likewise choose “ Invite others “.

But in this case, instead of adding the e-mail, attention to the link to share generates transmission permanently be provided. This link should be copied.

This link is shared with the people you want to include (maximum 9). This link is invited, so it will not affect hearing it.

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Finally, Send invitation is recommended a day before transmission if this method is used, so that participants can organize your time and answer the call.

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