How To Share A Private Video Channel Youtube With Someone Else?


YouTube is the platform to upload videos par excellence, because this is the one with the best features (allows you to record and upload a video to YouTube with cell), but despite its popularity, not everyone knows how to use its tools , and so today see ¿ how to share a private video to a YouTube channel?

If you’re a creator usual content or a novice, chances are that you ever have wondered how Share your video if you decide to place it in private , many believe that this is not possible, but the answer is very different as you may notice below.

How to share a private video to a YouTube channel?

Going straight to the grain from the beginning so you can learn how to share a private video of a YouTube channel as soon as possible, first you have to know is that you have to use the plataforma official Youtube Studio for this process.

If it has become clear then you begin. As step one must enter the portal of your Youtube video Studio, that you succeed by going to your video as if you were playing, and giving the blue button is called “Edit video” ( is in the lower left corner).

With that action be taken to the edit panel of the video, there will notice that the left is a list of options, click “Other functions” that in turn will deploy a small section where you now have to choose ” share privately.”

room of youtube

Then you will jump popup window where you will be prompted to write the email addresses of the people who want to send the link to your video. When you placed all simply press” save and return to Youtube Studio”.

That should be all set, and then a link will be sent by mail to the people who have chosen to share your video. Notably mail notification can be disabled.

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To do this you have to press the box that does the same function (is in the lower left corner), before giving save and return to Youtube, with that e chosen the same will be allowed, but will not get them a warning note of the same.

What types of visibility are Youtube videos?

With the above you know how to share a private video to a YouTube channel, so to complement your information, it will show that there are types of visibility on YouTube climbing videos.

The first is the best known and public. By default all video uploaded to this platform is made public (if you indicate you want to be private), this type of access allows anyone to view the video without restrictions , either because it is in Youtube or you will send the URL.

Another method is already private name. This type of video you can see only those enabled by the user to use, so even taking the URL of the video can access it.

youtube search pc

Finally, there are the hidden, these videos are a combination of the previous two, as it will not go if looking on Youtube, but as long as when you have the URL can enter the whenever you want.

And ready, now you’ve finally finished, and not just stay clear as you share a private video to a YouTube channel, but also what types of visibility there, so we can go.

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But before this happens, it would not hurt you to go on looking guides to help you understand more private functions Youtube, as: How to send and receive private messages on YouTube & nbsp;? Or failing that, How to put a hidden or private video on my YouTube channel , as this would complement much what you read today & nbsp;

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