How To Remove Or Disable Youtube Videos Recommended -Easy And Fast

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The current technology has given us the necessary tools to access lots of information in the past thought impossible. And among these windows that have opened due to current technology we have the Entertainment .

How to Remove or Disable YouTube Videos Recommended -Easy and Fast

The same has been presented in various ways in different websites and platforms across from the internet. Some are paid and others not, but if something everyone can agree is that Youtube has been the precursor to much of this content.

One of the most used pages around the world, and is the place where all artists upload their new music videos, videos trends, given the news , there are celebrities and much more. It really is a wide and full platform all types of content that can be consumed and shared.

And you can adapt to anyone. This is largely due to its system of recommended content, which has given him the opportunity to find all kinds of entertainment for different people. even many users earning money through entertainment offered on this platform.

These videos are recommended to the user through a series of complex algorithms, which make the user to view videos that potentially may be of interest. This includes, but is not limited to new music that you can listen or youtubers talking about a specific topic that may interest you.

But what is what happens when you want a little more control this content that you sample? Look then all you need to know to respect.

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Controlling a little that shows you recommended

A the entering the home page YouTube , we will be welcomed by a lot of videos recommended for us. Many may find this a little annoying, but it is totally impossible to completely disable the system recommended videos.

What you can do is control a little that you can display on the platform. Much of this history begins in your Play , so you can handle this so you do not appear certain content that you do not want to see.

Like much of the algorithm Youtube in their recommended videos on your starts playback history , you can manage the same for your videos recommended are different.

All you have to do is enter the page playback history you have left at the bar your Youtube page . Remember that it can be accessed on the Mobile app through the last option in the lower right corner.

A coming into the play history, you can do a little of everything. You can delete videos from your history by selecting the X there at the side of each video. We also will appear beside the option to pause your history, which you can use to prevent videos from being saved your history until you see it fit.

You can also delete the history for the same effect. Also remember that you can do the same with YouTube searches on the search bar as they work the same way for your videos recommended.

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Removing the recommended videos

For as long as you want to remove a particular video from your referrals, you can give the button More, who are three points vertically placed at the side of the title of the video. Here you will see the option “ I do not care “.

This you can use it to remove definitively video of your recommended videos, but if you want to remove the contents of a channel completely select can “ not recommend me this channel .”

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