Beaming My Android Games Live With Youtube Gaming

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At this time, create YouTube channels is fashionable; and now we have YouTube Gaming, which is one of the platforms used by gamers to broadcast their games live . The best gamers have tens of millions of followers, earn a living playing and allows them to comment on the games. But how to transmit live games with YouTube Android Gaming?

How to convey my Android Games Live with YouTube Gaming

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The practice of broadcasting live games began to be used in the early 2010, on sites like YouTube and then, to platforms such as Facebook allow broadcast from mobile Android . When transmissions are performed live you are offered to the public an original perspective unedited.

This new platform allows YouTube can stream your live games even from your phone . On this occasion we will help you learn how to stream your Android games live with YouTube Gaming. But first we will give reasons for using YouTube Gaming when broadcast your live games.

Why use your YouTube Gaming to stream live games

 live broadcast of a video game on YouTube Gaming

YouTube, in 2015 decided to launch YouTube Gaming as a sub and application and this was geared to compete with Twitch. YouTube in 2019 decided to withdraw the application and reintegrate with YouTube, so you can find the video game section.

With YouTube Gaming gamers can pass anywhere, anytime. Live broadcasts saving time you use for postproduction, while sharing unique moments.


The chat tool allows the public to send messages and talk well. This greatly benefits gamers because live broadcasts increase interaction with viewers.

Among the benefits of using YouTube Gaming is the weekly live broadcasts have increased the count subscribers. You can initiate a transmission at the touch option Transmit now .

With just a few simple steps can Start a live with YouTube Gaming . So then we’ll show you the steps to start your broadcast live games Android.

Steps to stream your live games on Android

 The website Youtube Gaming

To stream live from your Android you have permission to broadcast live , your channel must have the least thousand subscribers; Must not have received restriction to broadcast live over the last 90 days.

You should also make sure that your device uses version 6.0 or later. To begin broadcasting your Android games must perform the following steps:

  1. In the YouTube app, you must press the button Capture . Button on the screen is in the upper right.
  2. Then select Tansmitir Live .
  3. To transmit tap the screen of the phone, this button is located on the top right of the screen.
  4. Then create privacy settings A title game.
  5. More options can add a description, enable live chat, enable age restriction, among other options you can set personally.
  6. To set the thumbnail and screen orientation, press next .
  7. Then click Next again to complete the setting.
  8. Once the configuration, a toolbar at the top of the screen. With these tools can control the transmission.
  9. enables you finally press the button Tansmitir Live and animation has three second countdown will appear.
  10. On the display of You Live will appear for three seconds.
  11. The buttons on the toolbar allow you to control or terminate the live broadcast. You can pause the broadcast, mute the microphone, open a live chat , change the screen size option, among other functions.

    Following these simple steps, you can begin broadcasting your Android games live using YouTube Gaming, monetizes your channel and take advantage of your skills as a gamer to make money. Keep visiting our website to keep learning tricks of topics that interest you.

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