How Bold Italic Writing Comments And Strikethrough On Youtube?

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Be able to write phrases or comments in bold, italic and strikeout on YouTube is a trick that not many users know. It’s as simple as change the playback speed of a video from Youtube or borrar viewing history.

This is the quintessential video platform on the web, and express in the comments what you want; becomes easier and enjoyable by adding these formats to words.

How to post in bold, italic and strikeout on YouTube

And although it was believed that only WhatsApp was allowed to do , YouTube surprises his community and we teach them how to use this mode easily.

Youtube Comments bold

One way to highlight or emphasize a word, two words and even a complete message is by using boldface. With them, reply to comments on YouTube, it becomes more visible.

In this regard, it is often used primarily to place the title of something (like a video or channel) or something you want to highlight.

But how to achieve placing bold, italic and strikeout on YouTube is very simple; and the first single case shall be taken into account embodied below .

To begin, we must be in the video where we want to make the comment, then the phrase or word you want to highlight, you must have two asterisks (*).

How? Well, the beginning and the end, for example, this is a comment * bold * , and this will be enough for the platform to do the rest.

While it is very easy, there are a couple of things to consider. First, the asterisks should have no space between them and the letters of the word or phrase.

In addition to this, although the asterisks correctly, boldface place the effect will not be seen until the comment is published .

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Italics in Youtube comments

While bold styles are more employees and preferred, the italicized words keep their followers and keep their own utility.

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In this case, usually used to a lesser extent, to indicate the name of something, make a quoted phrase or write a term that is meant to stress.

Anybody But regardless of the intended use to you, know how to apply this style in a knowledge that everyone should know.

Without further ado, you begin being in the video you want to discuss, then he will write the message. And when the text is to be placed in italics Simply place two underscores or condo ( _ ) on either side of the word or phrase in question, both at the beginning as the end.

Getting something like this: _ Italics _ with what may publish the comment, and YouTube will apply the feature we’ve placed


A the same as in the previous case, you can not display the cursive text while editing the comment, will have to wait until the publication is done .

Also, you can not leave space between the underscores and word transform because they need to be together to apply the style.

Strikeout in the words

Although many people believe that blacked out is useless in the comments, other users might not be as agreed.


So to get strikeout, must be in some bar or space for comment and use two hyphens () in the phrase or word question.

These symbols have to go marking the beginning and end of the text to cross out; as well as words and hyphens should not have gaps between them, thus leaving -Text strikeout –


Also, do not feature a preview while writing the comment, but being published will be possible to admire the result. Maybe this is not necessarily to use one style at a time , in fact, can be combined.

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So , you can write in bold, italic and strikeout in one YouTube comment , both combined the three types, such as words or phrases separated.

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