How To Change The Language In The Zoom App?

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If you can change the Zoom language in the app is one of the first things users ask Spanish-speaking starting to use this service.

How to change language in the App Zoom

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All major platforms are able to change the language, such as change the language of Disney Plus or change the language of Spotify. thus, Zoom was not going to be the exception.

While learning to change the dialect is not limited only to this community of speakers. The way to do this varies slightly according to the computer we use the application and not according to the language.

Change the language Zoom from Windows

For this, you must have on your computer with an installed version of Zoom greater than or equal to 3.5.53922.0613. Otherwise, you must download Zoom or PC for Windows or Mac , depending on your case.

After checking the above, is passed to locate the symbol “ + ” in the Windows taskbar to discover the menu shortcuts and other tools.

Within the same, the icon to open the Zoom in another window you will find, but what you need is to find the “ Right-click ” on it.

He then pop up another menu, in which various settings to run they will be, you should opt for “ Change language ” or “ Switch languages ​​“.

Last This, in turn, will open another section that shows what language is and the other choices allowed. Be played on which to place desired.

So, and to complete the process, the Zoom will automatically reboot . So you must log in again, but already made language changes.

Why Mac is the same?

While the methodology is similar, we could say that the process really is not the same. So if you have a Mac, caught the next steps.

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On the taskbar or Mac dock, the icon of the Zoom application, to being on this and will be positioned clicking, the options available to it will be displayed.

From these, you have to choose “ Change language ” or “ Switch languages ​​” to then choose the language you want to apply.

Consequently, the system will ask if you want to make changes, what is confirmed by pressing “ Switch to … ” or “ Switch to …

Finally, and similarly, Zoom will reboot to make the changes. So you have to log in again to use it.

Can I change the language Zoom on Android App?

Yes, if you can change the language. But has the peculiarity that should change the language of the entire operating system.

You may wonder why I can not do it alone for Zoom ?, Because the application builds on the language of the device and under this work.

If you still want to make the adjustment, you just have to locate and open the “ Settings ” of the Android team, which usually has an icon very recognizable gear.

In it, there will be a section called “ Language & input ” or something similar according to version, to which must be pressed to open.

In this way, the list will be discussed in the various languages ​​for the Android device. So it only remains to choose the desired Zoom adopted.

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My device is iOS

As with the Android, the Zoom application on computers that have the iOS operating system will adopt the default language of the same.

So, too, has to make general adjustment to change the language Zoom in App. To get there only to locate the icon “ Settings ” in the iOS unit which appears as a gear in gray.

In the pop-up window settings, the “ General ” is selected and the view moves until you find the “ Language and region ” option.

Then you opt for the modality “ iPhone or iPad Language ” in order to proceed to prefer and mark the desired language.

save the changes, you can not forget to give on “ Done “. Then, to restart the computer and thus Zoom apply changes.

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