How To Create A Room And Create The Link Zoom To Share?

Learn to create a room and create the link in Zoom sharing are two of the first things to consider whether to start using this platform.

How to Create a room and create the link Zoom Share

When App downloads Zoom Video call , you need to know concepts like this. Otherwise, other simpler options such as change or remove the password for meetings Zoom, also will be difficult when they are not.

Lately he has been talking about this service, and it is one of the best to make group video calls , with extensive limit of participants per call.

In fact, it is ideal for meetings or meetings that require broad participation can reach in your free version , 100 employees at a time.

But before you can start taking advantage of this and other wonderful features, you have to know how to create a room and get others to join, here we will see how.

What do I need to create a room in Zoom?

First, you must download the application according to the device you have, and go on to create an account on that platform.

After having logged in, and you can create the room to conduct the meeting. For this, you just have to locate and select the window specialized in “ Meeting and chat “.

Within the same on the left side of the screen and an icon VCR in orange and white, will be the option For “ New Meeting ” you have to choose.

Consequently, we will have a new window called “ Start a meeting “, where you decide if you want to keep the active video during the call and if you want the personal ID appears on the itself.

A adjusting these aspects, we proceed to click the “ Start a meeting ” and ready, so button will be able to create a room Zoom .

 creating a room and create the link to share Zoom

What to do to create the link to share

A room having conversation created , the most common is to find ways that other participants can join it. Actually, there are several ways to do this, but one of the best and most popular ways is through a direct link to the room in question.

In this sense, it is not very difficult to generate the link to share, simply must be located within the desired room, the correct section. First you have to find the settings section of the meeting room, and within it, finding the “ Invite ” option is represented by a person icon and a symbol of sum “ + “.

Next, a tab will appear with the different methods of invitation, but what interests us in this case is located at the bottom left of the screen.

This option can be executed in two ways. The first it consists of pressing the “ Copy URL ” button, where only the link to the room and then share it by any means desired will be copied.

, the second embodiment, through “ Copy invitation “, with which all the text of the invitation will be copied, equally shared by the means chosen.

 conversational application room zoom

Other ways of inviting rooms Zoom

As mentioned, there are other ways of get invite other participants After creating a room Zoom and you show it below.

From email

A being in the meeting room and have accessed the tab “ Invite “, there will be three ways to generate invitations by mail.

These are displayed as icons with the name of each service, these are the mail option “ Default ” (usually Outlook), “ Yahoo Mail ” or “ Gmail “.

choosing, will proceed to generate the message which can be sent to email addresses needed.

contact Invitations

Also, you must open the “ Invite ” section, but this time you have to click the “ Invite by contacts ” tab will be visible to the naked eye.

Then, you can select people to invite directly on the window or through the search engine that includes.

Finally, and after marking contacts added, is passed to click the “ Invite ” that is positioned at the bottom right of the screen button.

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