How To Record A Meeting With Zoom?

to record a meeting with Zoom is one of the many possibilities that this platform includes for different users. Today, it is not new that the meetings or work meetings are conducted remotely, so use this task greatly simplifies Zoom.

How to record a meeting with Zoom

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time to make video calls or meetings with Zoom , one needs more appellant is recorded during the same . Whether for a major announcement or to go over to exactly what was said.

The truth is that although whether or not for work, to record a video call is something really useful, so Zoom brings to its users and we will show you how easily hacerlo.¡Sigamos!

What do I need to record a meeting with Zoom?

First, it is good to note that record meetings option is available for any level accounts , ie, both free as pay.

All that is needed is to have the recording settings enabled for the account and the meeting in question.

Steps to record a meeting with Zoom

to start a local recording on this platform, it can only carry out the host of the room, or anyone who has authorized this himself. Consequently, if you are the administrator, it will be located in the preferences menu at the bottom of the screen, the “ Save “.


If after this, a message appears with two alternatives, one should choose select “Burn this computer ” not to appear there will be no problem. Then, the host will be displayed on the top left of your screen, the recording symbol and the word “ Recording “.

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So, at the end of the meeting, you will see a notification in which it warns that a recording has to be converted before they can see it.

After this process, which can take a while, the same system will open the folder where the file is hosted recording , which can now be used normally.

It is important to note that if the recording symbol does not appear, it means that the mode was not activated properly and will not be filing anything.

Also, if the meeting room or video call experience undue closure or conversion is interrupted, recording may spoil no chance to get it back.

Pause or stop a recording

While we have seen the streamlined process for recording a meeting with Zoom , in some cases is necessary to pause or even stop it.

The difference lies in that, the pause recording and then resume it, all will be saved in the same file. Whereas, if a recording is stopped, and then another starts, two files other than the final will be obtained.

Now, to stop or pause, you have two options . Either from a small panel on the bottom that will be quite distinctive. Or, with the second method, through the recording indicator located on the top left of the screen.

Place the notice will show “ Record Pause ” accordingly, and from which you can resume it.

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Allow other participarte record a meeting with Zoom

This is basically grant permits in that meeting to a specific person, so that you can make the recording. This is achieved by directing action towards the icon “ Participants ” found on the bottom menu, that with personita and the + symbol.

Thus, within the indicated tab, the cursor is drawn into the name of the user who you want to privilege, and pressed into the “ More ” option. Then, a menu of settings in which to select “ Allow record ” or “ Allow record ” is chosen. Will be discussed

Thus, the participant may initiate recordings, although the host will be able to withdraw permission at any time by repeating the process.

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