How To Make The Best Submachine Gun In Minecraft? – Crafting Submachine

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Minecraft is listed as one of the best titles in history for many reasons, but the most important is that it has a variety of objects and combinations thereof overwhelming, allowing users to create new things out of nothing (after all we are talking about a game that lets you domesticate and tame a dragon ). With that in mind You will learn to make the best submachine gun in Minecraft.

And, it is no secret that this title has remained for so long because of the very active community of users who have. Which are dedicated to design projects increasingly ambitious as servers and mods (which in turn allow do and put in Minecraft minigames ), which attracted like flies to novice players.

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Make the best submachine gun in Minecraft

To achieve make a submachine gun in Minecraft first thing you should consider is that this object does not exist in the game, because in this title no firearms as close is the bow.

So to have a submachine have to either build with blocks or downloading an official mod shops online . You will see how to make a submachine gun with a simple circuit blocks Redstone, the first thing you’ll need are the following materials:

6 blocks of any type ( this depends on the decor where you are placing the submachine , but if stone better), minerals Redstone (the amount you need depending on the structure), torches redstone, a dispenser, arrows and a lever or pressure plate.

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To begin creating first put two separate blocks of stone one of the other for a picture, then have a channel with dust ore Redstone (from long you prefer, but do not overdo it 10 blocks) passing through the between the two blocks (also places the powder over these to connect to the sides).

then proceeds to place a torch to the sides of the stone, and finally put a lever on one end of the channel and the powder dispenser at the other end. A firing lever dispenser automatically trigger dates that are in it. And ready with this You can make the best submachine gun in Minecraft , however, there are other ways that you will see below.

Other circuits and mods

To say you can make the best submachine gun in Minecraft , not only must limit yourself to the above structure, since this is the most basic circuit can also do more dispensers and channels under ground reach a pressure plate to be pressed activate the mechanism automatically.

Since this is your imagination more than anything else, but Based on the above principle you should be able to make a submachine gun in any condition. However, there are also mods that allow you to add guns to the game (as if it were a sword), the best of these is:

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The realistic weapon mod. This adds an exaggerated amount of weapons to play as Scar, the AK-47 and even rocket launchers. The download and install the mods folder of the game is at risk for everyone (no longer works in all versions and can hang the game, so it is recommended Minecraft update to the latest version and then try ).

As this there are many more, you just have to make sure they are official and that the version of the game that you have the support (in the case of PC gamers course).

With the latter you know how to make the best submachine gun in Minecraft . Use either of the two forms and give free rein to your imagination, so that you become the best player of all. Remember that there are tips on what are the best mods you can download and install on Minecraft? , so it would be nice if you gave them a look.



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