What Are The Differences And Similarities Between Linux, Windows And Mac?

what are the differences and similarities between linux windows and mac
 windows linux or macOS differences and advantages

In the digital world there something we could compare it to a competitive race. And it is that the operating systems of different companies are in a competition to be the product of excellence from users . Linux, Windows and Mac are three competitors of the most popular in the world. What are alike and that difference? I want to show you in this post, so at the end you give us your opinion on who you think the best.

What are the differences and similarities between Linux, Windows and Mac?

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Similarities between Linux, Windows, and Mac

In the three systems can perform common tasks quickly and easily. Write texts, edit images, listen to music and surfing the internet are some of those activities that do not require more knowledge to the walk through these environments. In addition, regularly they have a interface fairly light and easy to handle .

 starting the Windows operating system

A the same as every operating system, the functionality of Linux, Windows and Mac are focused on the access to the information present on the hard drive . Also in the management RAM, manage video devices, WiFi and Bluetooth and use of input devices and output. To this we add their similarities when it comes to interacting with other users.

What differentiate these three major operating systems

Despite having similarities, there are many differences that can be found in them. For example, in terms of cost, and Linux versions are more accessible for being virtually free . Windows and Mac must pay license fees that may become very costly. As for the software they use, Linux and Mac are the most stable, while Windows can go degenerating with the passing of time.

Windows and versions offer greater scope to apply updates and you can find more solutions to the problems presented to us in the system. Linux, being one of the systems that consume less resources, provides better performance. For its part, Mac features unique functionality and compatibility between your software and hardware it uses, which are created almost entirely by themselves.

One of the most significant differences between Linux, Windows and Mac, is that almost all software available for Windows compatible versions. For Mac and Linux are few virtually nonexistent. although the latter has good tools and applications compatible . Perhaps this is one reason why the 80% of users use Windows , 13% Mac and 2% Linux and thus hegemony maintains this OS over the other.

 notebook with your mouse MacOS desktop

The characteristics of each OS are a guide to determine which of the three can use. There are even other environments that we can investigate, they have not gained momentum and yet are virtually unknown, such as download and install Chrome OS . Either way, each user needs to allow your best choice.

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As for these three major operating systems, Linux, Windows and Mac will continue to evolve with the passing of time and look more or show greater differences. Go updating and knowing the updated features of each of them will help us to continue doing tasks and activities which have or move to another. We seem good liking know what you think on this issue.


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