How to stop or disable the automatic update Virtual DJ?

how to stop or disable the automatic update virtual dj
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can sometimes be a big headache, especially when there are things to do and your box does not allow you to do anything . That is why, if you do not want or you have the time to do it, it will be necessary to have a way to get rid of this annoying notification box.

Virtual DJ is a program that lets you mix music from your computer without the need for other equipment, known as a portable mixer which has many features and tools that allow you to be a real DJ.

How to Stop Auto update Virtual DJ?

Like everything else, there is a per of options that can run you well enough, you need to have some things in mind before making off. First, you must select the method you take for disabling the upgrade, then explains two go with your choice.

Stop automatic update Virtual DJ by setting

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This process is quite simple, first, go to Virtual DJ, there must click the "Settings", button usually found on top. While there, opens the now you "Options" tab locate the "Automatic Update" and disable where it says 'Enable' like that easy open removed the update.

Before closing, returns to the "Settings" and click on "Ok" for the changes made are saved correctly. If you want to restart the program for the update box is removed more easily, there is no risk to do this.

Use the Registry Editor

Another way it simple enough to stop the automatic update Virtual DJ is using the Windows Registry Editor. To access this, you begin entering the "Start" from your computer, either using the home button or by clicking this.


Then you write "regedit" in the search box directly Registry Editor now must follow fully the steps that we will appear.

now open, go to the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" in this, deploys the "Software" and finally in the "Virtual DJ" editor.

You must find the items contained in the folder the "Automatic Update" to the find it, you double-click, it will display a menu.

This menu is the "Edit DWORD Values" must enter the number "0" in the box that unfolds to write. This will make the automatic update is disabled.

You just have to click "OK" and close the Editor, if you wish, Virtual DJ restarts to verify that it has eliminated the update notification.

If your computer works with the operating system Ubuntu, you have the option to install DJ Mixxx as an alternative to Virtual DJ.

Why is it necessary to disable the automatic update Virtual DJ?

The main problem many people have with this update is that it becomes really annoying when performed during a work session.

Before using a program with Virtual DJ can help you use a program like GarageBand you allows you to edit audio and mp3.

This is because disable it completely updated interface , so it becomes impossible to work until the upgrade is completed. Which incidentally, is not done very quickly, wasting hours while being downloaded the necessary data.

In a way, disable them is good, updates hit are avoided and can be programmed a taste of the user , so it is not working time lost.


Is it advisable to keep disabled the automatic update Virtual DJ?

Actually, there is something that proves that can be a problem for not updating the program actually the benefits are quite . Even many people disable the only updates as they work well,  . If computers are turned on while not required, can be updated

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It should be noted that this application always provides great improvements in its updates, skins, interfaces and best audio editing methods . For this reason, it is best to keep you updated as the possibilities and never quit, to always have the best services of the same.

If you're not an expert using such programs, SoundCloud gives you the ability to mix music like a DJ easier and simple.


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