Viewing My Rating Or Stars Didi User Easily

viewing my rating or stars didi user easily

One of the most common ways to transport most people are traveling in transportation public. Where people take buses that travel from one place to another over and over again.

This is one of the ways to long. Over the years, this way of transportation has remained. In many countries, even it has evolved in order to always provide the service more efficient.

How to see my Rating or Star User in DIDI Easily

Didi stars

In most cases have appropriate new technologies, with the aim of making the stay of users the best possible. As we know connectivity has become indispensable thing for us, for that reason most transport companies include service Free Wi-Fi and you can even share travel location in real time.

What is and what is the rating of users DIDI?

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This connectivity has led to a new structure in all aspects of our lives, transportation has not been left out. Which has found a way to use this important tool to provide a better experience for its users.

Such it is the case of the user rating where the successor companies like DIDI can join and enjoy a better way the benefits that entails. With this service, you may get a rating from drivers and vice versa.

Every time we make a trip with the company, everything is recorded, where through an application designed for users we have several options. One of these is to rate the driver who lent us their services on the most recent trip.

Once we enter the application and strive for the last trip we make, we will have the option to qualify and even to comment on our experience on that trip. We can say something we did not like or that the driver can improve, just as we can make some positive comment about our experience on the trip.

On the other hand, when we make any comment on one of our trips, the driver who made the trip, you can add a rating to your user profile. This qualification will be reflected in our profile, where other users and the drivers can see.

In this article, we will learn what steps we should continue to see our star rating or user DIDI. A very easy and simple way.

Steps to see my rating User DIDI

This qualification will be reflected on a scale of one to five, with star icons. Where A star will be a low score five stars is the best score we can get. This will represent a way in which we will see drivers who provide service to the company.

If you want to see our User rating, DIDI can do from our smartphone in a very easy way. Only we need internet access and the application to access your username and password.

The first thing to do to see our User rating DIDI is to open the application. One here again, we must go to the upper left corner of the screen and select the icon in the menu (usually represented by three dashes), automatically an option's menu will be displayed.

In this section, we can see our user profile, under our name will observe our rating, this is represented by stars. The lowest rating is one star and the highest will be five stars.

Depending on our reputation in the company, observe the appropriate number of stars. Similarly, we can select our rating, to see another menu.

We can see a series of recommendations that we can continue to improve our reputation on the page. If we remember these tips in our future trips can raise our rating. The application gives the opportunity to qualify our last trip, in case I do not.

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Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. However, we would like to know your opinion has been able to see its rating or star user DIDI   Leave your answers in the comments.

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