How to open and use a PSD file on an Android device

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Then we will see how to open and use a PSD file into an Android device so you can edit it as you like. Recommend some of the most interesting apps that meet example open or edit a file. PSD without Photoshop online and are free.

What would the world without Photoshop ? One of the major programs of editing that is suitable for both those with little experience in this world and for those things very clear when it comes to editing and creating stunning photographs and may need convertir Photoshop PSD files JPG image online free for use on other platforms.

Photoshop gives us a lot of possibilities and we can not deny that we will need to squeeze a computer. However, neither it is that we can not use it on mobile . There are applications to open and use a PSD file on an Android device and allow us to   open files created in Photoshop (PSD) without having Photoshop installed, plus many modifications from the comfort of your phone or tablet.

A little further down you will recommend two applications very good, so you can open and edit your Photoshop files in an extremely simple manner. The two apps are highly recommended. It would be best to try them both your way out of this own conclusions.

Opening a PSD on Android

We can not deny that mobile devices are becoming more like computers. Complex, with many possibilities and thousands of applications to do almost anything. So, as you can imagine is quite simple open a PSD on Android .

It may happen that’re away from your computer and you can not open a PSD file for editing. Then you resort to your computer to perform the task. Let’s see two very interesting and powerful applications so you can open your PSD on your mobile device.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

The official app of Adobe obviously has to be our first choice. Although it requires you to have a mobile device with a good hardware to run. Otherwise your experience will not be very good to say.

However, you can Android PSD files easily open , you can also edit and create files from scratch. can download from the Play Store and at least for now, it is free.

Documents Easy Viewer

A little simpler than the previous option, you need not too many resources to operate and allows us to open Photoshop files. In turn it has the possibility of Open File in other formats: ai, doc, docx, etc. It is an excellent fairly lightweight and simple to use application.

It has several interesting options interface as intuitive and simple. So it is highly recommendable. Best of all, it’s free.

How to open and edit a PSD on Android

Which do you prefer? As we’ll see a couple of options when opening PSD files on Android . However, the problem with the first is that it can consume a lot of resources and require power in terms of hardware. You will need a good phone to get it running smoothly and stable.

The second app is much more practical and simple for most users. With both can edit the photos on your phone, probably not at the same level as you could do from your computer. However, it is a good alternative to get out of trouble when you do not have access to the PC.

Want to recommend an app to open PSD files? Do you have any questions about how to open and use Photoshop files on your Android ? If that’s the case, we remind you that a little further down we have the comments section where you can leave yours.

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