Making Your Facebook Profile Private

making your facebook profile private

Step by Step Guide to Making Your Facebook Profile Private

Step 1: Accessing Your Facebook Settings

To begin making your Facebook profile private, you need to access your account settings. Click on the downward arrow at the top right corner of any Facebook page and select "Settings & Privacy", then "Settings".

Step 2: Navigating to Privacy Settings

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Once in the settings menu, locate and click on the "Privacy" option in the left-hand column. This will take you to a page where you can control who can see your future posts and how people can find and contact you.

Step 3: Adjusting Your Future Posts

Under the "Your Activity" section, click on "Edit" next to "Who can see your future posts?". Here, you can select who you want to be able to view your new Facebook posts. If you want maximum privacy, select "Only Me".

Step 4: Limiting Past Posts

If you want to make old posts private as well, click on "Limit Past Posts" under the "Your Activity" section. Then click on "Limit Old Posts". This will change the audience of all your past posts to Friends Only.

Step 5: Controlling How People Find and Contact You

Under the "How People Find and Contact You" section, you can control who can send you friend requests, who can see your friends list, and who can look you up using your email or phone number. Adjust these settings as per your preference.

Step 6: Making Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo Private

Go to your profile and click on your profile picture or cover photo. Select the option that says "Public" and change it to "Friends", "Only Me", or a custom list.

Step 7: Reviewing Apps and Websites

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In the left-hand column of the settings menu, click on "Apps and Websites". Here, you can review the apps and websites you've logged into with Facebook. You can remove any you no longer use or trust.

By following these steps, you can ensure your Facebook profile is as private as possible. Remember, privacy settings can change, so it's important to regularly review your settings.


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