Editing And Cropping YouTube Videos After They're Uploaded

editing and cropping youtube videos after theyre uploaded
  1. Mastering the Art of Editing and Cropping YouTube Videos Post-Upload

Mastering the Art of Editing and Cropping YouTube Videos Post-Upload

Editing and cropping YouTube videos after they're uploaded is a crucial skill for content creators. It allows you to make changes to your video without having to delete and re-upload it, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

To edit your video post-upload, you'll need to use YouTube's built-in video editor. This tool allows you to trim your video, add end screens, blur parts of your video, and more. To access the video editor, go to your YouTube Studio and select the video you want to edit. Then, click on the 'Editor' tab on the left-hand side.

The first thing you'll see in the editor is the timeline. This shows you the entire length of your video, with a red line indicating the current point in the video. You can click anywhere on the timeline to jump to that point in the video.

To crop your video, click on the 'Trim' button above the timeline. This will open up a new interface where you can set the start and end points for your video. You can either drag the blue handles at the ends of the timeline or enter the exact times you want in the boxes above.

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Once you've set your start and end points, click on the 'Preview' button to see how your video will look. If you're happy with it, click on the 'Save' button to apply your changes. Note that it can take a few hours for your changes to be processed.

In addition to cropping, the YouTube editor also allows you to edit your video in other ways. For example, you can add cards and end screens to promote other videos or channels, blur out certain parts of your video, or replace the audio with music from YouTube's library.

Remember that while the YouTube editor is a powerful tool, it does have its limitations. For more complex edits, you may need to use a separate video editing software. However, for simple changes like cropping and adding end screens, the YouTube editor is more than sufficient.

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