How To Send Voice Messages On Facebook From Pc

how to send voice messages on facebook from pc
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There are many social networks and applications that allow us can communicate with our contacts, family and friends. But today, Facebook has it become used more regularly for < strong> make shipments messages, photos and videos. But there is a method that is becoming popular among users and are the voice messages. If you still have no idea how it's done, we leave this tutorial to teach you how to send voice messages on Facebook from PC.

How to send voice messages on Facebook from PC

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But you must be wondering, how is this possible? If you know you can do, just for your mobile device and not your PC . you should not feel so surprised as advancing technology today, would assume that this function would not be exclusive use of mobile devices and reach personal computers.

In the next article we will see and use a very simple way to make you can send voice messages on Facebook from PC using the tools available to it. Continue reading to keep you learning through these tutorials to use the various functions that Facebook has enabled its users.

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How to send voice messages on Facebook from PC

So you can send voice messages on Facebook from PC We will use the Facebook Messenger . Through him, you can send not only text messages but also a voice memo, and then I will explain the steps you must take to do so. First go to your Facebook on your PC.

After you've done this and your session started, let's turn our attention to the left sidebar, where we will find many options. And at the top we find the Messenger. It will make clip and then send me to another window in Facebook.

Here we can see on the left side, all those contacts who can send you a written message or a voice message. Then the next step is, select the contact you want to send the message. And here you can choose to send a written message, voice a note, a photo a GIF, a file, a Emojis, Stickers, etc.

To do this we just turn our attention to the bottom of the page and we will find an area to write a message and to the right side of the various icons. Each of them represents an action that we can make to send to our contact. For example, if we clip icon GIF.

Sending voice message on Facebook from a PC

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We may give the contact you chose an image of this guy and we only had to clip the option to send. Now for the present case if we want to send a voice message just you have to clip the microphone icon. If you do not see this option, you need to clip icon plus sign to display you.

Doing so will appear on the screen box with a red circle with the Record option. When you're ready to take the message, you need to clip this option and start recording and you must say the message you want to send to your contact. When you're done you just have to clip again this button to stop the recording stops.

Then do clip to play the message or voice note and thus be sent to your contact, it is important that you have activated the microphone to activate this feature. Anyway Facebook will ask permission to use the microphone. And in this very simple way you can send voice messages on Facebook from PC


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And using a new tool that include Facebook on its platform to make or send voice messages, more quickly without having to type. In the same way as they are made by WhatsApp, so do not waste much time writing and giving emotions to our messages, that are not perceived in a text.

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