How to Play Free Fire with a Controller on Android and iOS

how to play free fire with a controller on android and ios

Currently Free Fire, and other games of its style have a huge number of players worldwide, if you are interested in knowing how play Free Fire with a controller connected to your Android or iPhone cell phone, here we will tell you some ways how to do it.

How to play Free Fire with controller on Android

If you wonder if it is absolutely necessary to download an app or some program that maps the buttons, the answer is no. There are other ways by which we can connect a controller or Gamepad to our mobile devices.

For this it is strictly necessary that the controller or Gamepad that you are going to use has a bluetooth connection, in addition, you must take into account that applications such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, etc. Nowadays they are not 100% compatible with this class of controls.

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Although the development companies of these games have not ruled on the use of these, errors could occur, or simply that the controller you intend to use may not be compatible and therefore, will not work.

Bluetooth connection

  • You must have your controller updated. This can be achieved through the internet, an example is the Ipega 9062s remote, which is updated on the web.
  • We turn on the bluetooth of the remote by pressing R1 + Home. (2 lights will turn on and blink continuously)
  • We connect the remote to our mobile device via bluetooth. (we must turn on the bluetooth of our mobile device)
  • After these steps we can enter the game directly. (there is no need to launch any other app for the controller to work)
command play free fire mobile

If the game begins to have image errors or to run slowly, we recommend you restart the control, without having to exit the game that is in progress, we just turn off and on the controller or Gamepad and that's it.

With USB-OTG connector

With this extension, using the remote on your Android device is a simple task. First we will connect the native cable of the remote control in its input, then, we will use the USB-OTG extension to connect this cable with our phone.

Once connected, we will have to turn on our control and leave the button pressed for a few seconds; We verify that it is working on the screen of our mobile, and that will be it. Some phones may ask for a permit or give a warning.

How to play Free Fire with controller on iPhone

Like the connection in Android, we can connect the remote to our iOS device via Bluetooth. We must bear in mind that some controls are not fully supported with this game, so the possibility varies, however, the general procedure is the same.

To turn on the Bluetooth of our remote, we leave holding down the start button for a few seconds; We will enter the Bluetooth connections of our phone and verify that the control is visible. Once we identify it, we simply link it as we would with any other device, and finally we can play with our controller.

What Android games can be played with the PS4 controller?

Among some of the games available to play with PS4 control we have:

  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Only One
  • GRIP
  • Unkilled
  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout
  • Horizon chase
  • Oddmar
use control play shooter free fire

Octopus, the application that will help us play Free Fire with a controller connected to the mobile

  1. We will locate our Play Store to download the "Octopus" application.
  2. For everything to work correctly, our controller or Gamepad must have the ability to connect devices via Bluetooth connection.
  3. We link the Gamepad to our mobile device.
  4. We enter the Octopus app and from here we enter Free Fire.
  5. We begin to configure and map our controller or Gamepad as we see fit.

Siguiendo estos sencillos pasos podemos mejorar un poco nuestra experiencia de juego, puede resultar incómodo si lo tuyo son los juegos de consola, para ese caso te recomendamos jugar Free Fire desde una PC con emuladores de Android, y vincular tu mando vía Bluetooth sin apps intermediarias. .

Many players frequently ask, "does Free Fire support controller usage on mobile devices?" The answer is nuanced; while Free Fire does not officially endorse full controller support, certain workarounds exist that enable the use of gamepads on both Android and iOS platforms.

Will I get banned from the game for using the controller?

Nowadays there have been no players to report that they have been banned from the game by the use of controllers or Gamepads, however, this does not mean that there is no possibility that later this will be prohibited, and if by chance your account has been suspended, it can be recovered.

Although the developer companies have not issued any type of communication by which the use of these controls or Gamepads is prohibited, the possibility that they may do so in the future in order to avoid very big advantages between the players.

If you want to improve your gaming experience using these devices it is perfect, although it does not hurt to try it from a secondary account and thus be 100% sure that there will be no ban.

What is Ipega?

It's a Wireless multimedia game controller for IOS / Android devicesThese are specially designed to increase the gaming experience of mobile applications such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, among others.

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These devices are available with compatibility to Android 6.0 or higher, IOS11.0 or higher system. Ipega controllers or Gamepads handle connectivity with mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Currently there is a great diversity of controllers or Gamepads available on the market for the needs of each player, We hope that this information has been of total use to you and we hope that you will make it reach more people, who you know need it and want to enter the world of the best shooter games.


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