How To Remove And Delete My Account Rappi Forever? - Step By Step

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Home applications are a great alternative to going outside in these turbulent times we live. However, no are always as good as expected, causing more work than relief. For this reason is that today's tutorial, so you can learn how to remove and delete my account Rappi was created.

And, although Rappi can be very good, sometimes you have little details that together can become a major problem. In addition to this, today there are many other App that do the same this, so qu and there are several options for changing air; which you can get just by putting in the browser what are the best applications for order delivery?

Before deleting your account you should know the following

As you read in the subtitle, before it can proceed to remove and delete my account Rappi, you have take a few details into consideration so then no regrets.

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The first of these is that you will lose your order history, ie all transactions will delete you've done since you created your account. So if you had something stored there or need that information to an invoice, you better remove it before deleting.

He also will miss your user ID or profile marrow any changes or edits you've made will be gone forever (were all eliminated completely as if it never existed).

miss your rappi movil

Because of this you have to take into consideration that if you go back to using Rappi after deleting your data, have to do with an entirely new account where you need to go through all the processes confirmation from 0.

Finally and more like recommendation warning, you have to spend all your credits, because due to RappiCreditos as these also can recover the work.

Process to remove and delete my account Rappi step

With what was read above and are more than warned about what can happen if you delete your data , so it is time to proceed with steps to let know how to remove and delete my Rappi account?.

First, you should know that uninstalling the application account will be deleted. Since your account is linked to your phone number and email, so that the only eliminate the App nothing is deleted (even can stop receiving messages from Rappi ). If you have that's clearly time to move through the process.

Step 1

First of all make sure the account is in active status , if this is so, then proceeds to press the user icon that appears in the upper left corner of the screen, with that an options menu will be displayed.

step 2

Within the menu opened, give the option is called "your account settings", then press the button "Delete account" (if you do not see this option at the beginning, scroll down the screen and you should find it).

Step number 3

Finally and to finish the process, you will be prompted to enter your user password, so that can confirm the delete option , place the password and hit "OK" with that and stay open all finished and removed the account.

visa y rappi 1

Then uninstall the app on your phone (you can return to download of the PlayStore anytime). This is not mandatory, but you can still do to open space. So in case your next step is something as signing up for Uber Eats .

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And voila, everything you've read by completed the tutorial you order, so the initial mystery of. How to remove and delete my account Rappi?, and is cleared completely, now only fault with you head to your phone and follow the steps to the foot of the letter for you to make the process so effective.


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