How To Open Or Send A Zip Or Rar File By Whatsapp?

how to open or send a zip or rar file by whatsapp
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  1. What should you do to send files by WhatsApp ZIP or RAR?
    1. Create the file
    2. From WhatsApp
  2. Utility ZIP or RAR files send by WhatsApp
  3. Some recommendations

If you've ever asked yourself I can send a ZIP or RAR file by WhatsApp ? Here we bring you the answer, well, we explain how. WhatsApp is the main messaging application worldwide and for some months updates allow you to send any file type .

Whether you have an Android or iPhone device have the option to send files compressed by WhatsApp, and if you possess a device with the iOS operating system, you can compress and decompress files without problem .

What should you do to send files by WhatsApp ZIP or RAR?

First, you must know that WhatsApp still has some restrictions, including the fact that the files must weigh less than 100MB. Something that does not bother because the archives do not usually have exaggerated pesos, facilitating the dissemination of files without losing its quality .

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Well, in order to send files ZIP or RAR must take some steps, and you basically know but I will leave them explained in case you need it.

Create the file

Remember what we said about the weight? Well, start getting the ideal file to be sent , collects documents or files you want to send and creates a ZIP.

To create a file in ZIP or RAR format, you only have to select all files, press right click " Add to the file ... " and give a name to the document. You can do it from your mobile device or pass it from your computer, either by email or a USB connection.

From WhatsApp

Once you have the file you're using, you enter WhatsApp in the usual manner, place or create chat with the contact who will send the file.

Now you're chatting, you must click on the symbol of the clip, where a file menu will be displayed that you can share, select " Documents ".

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Explorer opens WhatsApp documents showing the format of each, find the folder where you saved your ZIP and select it. If you have complied with the above instructions, including details of the weight of the file, you can send your ZIP or RAR file WhatsApp .

If you've exceeded the size, a message is issued stating that the file exceeds the size limit, reduce it and try again.

Utility ZIP or RAR files send by WhatsApp

Most of us work, study or perform any activity that warrants sending files through the fastest channels. WhatsApp is a instant service so we can easily send anything without the need to access a computer or upload files via email.

The ability send ZIP or RAR through this application is very innovative messages and provides service improvements. Suppose we want to send a photo album or a lot of articles or documents work, everything becomes easier if we send them via WhatsApp.

To all this the ability to send documents added from your computer by using the WhatsApp application Web or through the official website. Being able to expedite shipments and allowing other people to open files from their mobile devices very easily, very advantageous.

Once you have managed to send your compressed files by WhatsApp sure you need to open the archives, that's why you should look for what the best programs and applications to open compressed files.

Some recommendations

You manage well the size of the file , especially if you're going to make an important shipment, the error size limit you can slow down enough.

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If you want to send a lot of files, it is preferable that divided into several ZIP, know that is annoying send multiple, but smaller, faster ship. Among other things, it is good to keep your session open WhatsApp on your personal computer, thus avoid transfer files to your phone to send .

Finally, we hope this tutorial will be of great help and you can send all files ZIP or RAR quiet by WhatsApp, the easiest way to speed up your tasks.

If you have a compressed file on your Android phone, you can find in the Play Store that will allow many open and decompress RAR files on your Android phone .

Just as there are applications that help you unzip files on your Android phone, there are also applications that allow you compress files to the RAR format.

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