How To Redeem A Gift Card Google Play Store From Another Country?

 use google play store to redeem gift card in other countries

You may have reached your hands a gift card Google Play Store , if that’s the case but there is no possibility to redeem in your country, we want to tell you that all is not lost. Read this post where we will teach the technique so you know how Redeem a gift card Google Play Store from another country.

How Redeem a Gift Card Google Play Store from another country?

How to get a gift card Google Play Store from another country?

Perhaps you gave for granted that you will never have the chance to get a gift card from Google Play Store; especially if you live in Latin America , or not a resident of any of the countries where commonly acquired, redeemed and until the balance of these cards, like the United States, Mexico and some European countries. recharges

Alternatives to you get a gift card from Google Play Store

We have good news for you, there are alternatives so you get a gift card Google Play Store from another country or code:

  • Through promotions or sweepstakes made by some web sites.
  • If you travel can acquire it at some commercial establishment from another country that Google Play has designated no additional cost.
  • Or through a family member or friend who lives abroad, they could also send the code.

 gift card purchase through the Google Play Store to use in another country

How can redeem a gift card Google Play Store from another country?

Once you have your hands on the code, or physical gift card Google Play Store from another country (Scraping your code from the back), we’ll show how to redeem from your PC or mobile:

Set up a new profile

  • If you have your own Google account, go to the menu from the main Google Play, you do this by clicking on the three small horizontal bars in the upper left side.
  • Go to the section Account .
  • Click Payment methods .
  • another sub-menu appears, there click Settings paid .
  • In this step you post your email and password.
  • in payment center click on the top left menu and there appear the Country , but in view that will not be able to change or place the country where you live, then press Create a new profile, at the bottom of the country, then on the next screen click on continue .
  • You send it to Create a new profile new payments , there select the country where the card Google Play Store that have presented or have obtained comes, once done press the button continue .
  • On the next screen will ask some data, such as address, which only suffice to place it on Line 1, the City , Prefecture and Postal Code . Here you could ask for help from your friends or relatives abroad, as some fabricated data could generarte mistake, or not allow you to move to the next step.
  • Finally, after completing the previous step click on the Send button.

How to redeem your gift card Google Play Store?

  • From the comfort of your own Google Play store , simply access the main menu and press in Redeem .
  • On the next screen Enter code section of your gift card Google Play. Finally click on the Redeem . And that’s it.

 window enter code indicating gift card to redeem Google Play easy and fast

Now with the money to your card for your Google Play Store gift, imagine all that can invest! From products, gems for your favorite games, games, music and movies to books, if you fans to read.

Only asesórate well on Google Play Store conditions imposes for using their gift cards; of course you need to have latest version of Google Play Store.

We know that some users have chosen cheats and create a secondary account, or install applications that have enabled them to redeem your gift card from Google Play. However, in your case we suggest you do what you indicate your conscience and ethics. We hope you choose the best way to redeem a gift card from Google Play Store from another country


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