How To Send Money Or Spend Skrill To Airtm - Uphold Safely - Step By Step

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  1. Steps to open an account at AirTM
  2. How to send money from Skrill to AirTM?

AirTM virtual wallet can link to other payment processors of your choice to work as an intermediary, an advantage that does not possess many digital wallets; so this post would be responsible to explain step by step how to send or spend money from Skrill to AirTM - Uphold safely.

Steps to open an account at AirTM

  1. Enter the official website of AirTM & nbsp; and click on the blue button "Join".
  2. Click " create an account".
  3. Fill out the form, solves the reCAPTCHA and click on" create Account".
  4. Access your email, open the email sent by AirTM and click 'Confirm email'.
  5. Fill the new form and verify your phone number , for that you get a message with a confirmation code by SMS or WhatsApp.
  6. After verified your access number to your account by entering your email and password.
  7. Now in your mind you upload a profile photo and choose the currency that you used in your account.
  8. After completing your profile Verify your identity to transact.

Once created and verified your account AirTM and can start transferring money from other digital wallets like PayPal, Payeer, Skrill, among others. In the next section we will explain step by step how to send money from Skrill to AirTM.

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How to send money from Skrill to AirTM?

In order to transfer money between purses (Skrill and AirTM) must have created and verified an account at Skrill , it is also important that you AirTM account is verified. These are the steps to transfer:

  1. Access Skrill and AirTM both accounts.
  2. On the home screen AirTM you will see a box called 'Equilibria'; click Anchoring/Remove .
  3. In the new section you'll see the word "Anchoring" and "Remove", click on "Anchoring" .
  4. Select the payment method in this case is Skrill .
  5. The new paragraph write the amount you want to send Skrill to AirTM, wait a few seconds and you displayed a receipt with details of the transaction, under the receipt enter your email.
  6. Now go to your Skrill account.
  7. Once inside your account go to the menu that is on the left side of the screen and select the " Send" .
  8. In the section" send money" should go to the box 'Use your balance to send money to an email address "and click the " start " button.
  9. Enter the amount you wish to transfer to AirTM (the amount entered must match the amount written in AirTM).
  10. Go back to your account AirTM and click on the " send request" .
  11. On the screen you pop a window appears click on "Yes" to confirm the transaction.
  12. Now you will see a message indicating that the transaction may last a couple of minutes, click "OK".
  13. Go to the Start window, select the transaction that is in progress to converse with the cashier; when you type copy email from the buyer (ATM).
  14. Return to Skrill and paste the email address of the buyer AirTM. In the "Add message" option must place the ID of the transaction that did in AirTM, then click "Next".
  15. Check the operation summary and click" send".
  16. Go to the Skrill transaction option and choose the operation you just performed and take a screen capture of receipt of the transaction.
  17. Return to AirTM and attached receipt of the transaction to Skrill conversation with the buyer & nbsp; to verify the payment
  18. At the top of the conversation you click "Electronic Transfer sent" ; when you displayed a box copy the Transaction ID (is the same ID you wrote in Skrill), click "Electronic transfer sent."
  19. When the transaction is entered into your account you see a message notifying you that the transaction was carried out successfully.

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Can also transfer your money Skrill to your bank account quickly and easily; Only you will be charged a small fee and have to wait between 2 to 5 to have cash money in your account.

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