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didi how can i pay cash turn cash

You will surely know what it is and how to download the DiDi App, in addition to its many advantages. But in certain circumstances, you may not have enough balance in the account, or you do not want to overcharge your credit card; now you can pay for your DIDI trips quickly and easily with cash in just a few steps.


New method to pay DiDi with cash

DiDi's executive travel service platform, stated that trips can not only be paid by card, but also with cash, as UBER has done for some time. The information was transmitted to users by email and a personalized SMS to their mobile; where they are shown how to use this modality.

With this payment method, you no longer need a card to travel. Just enter your app and select the payment method you prefer. When requesting a ride, remember to verify the selected method, to avoid confusion with your driver.

This price modality is calculated based on an algorithm, instead of the mileage pricing mechanism as seen in traditional taxi services; taking into account a base rate, traffic, distance and travel time, as well as any other promotion given by DiDi.

Which is not surprising, because all the calculations in this application are usually by percentages, so the app automatically determines what percentage DiDi charges and how much DiDi takes on each trip.

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Paying in cash at DiDi may be inconvenient in certain locations. When that happens, you naturally wonder why you can't pay DiDi in cash; usually the reason responds to the regulations of certain countries.

Easy and fast is to make the payment in DiDi with cash

Enter the DiDi application, select the method with which you want to pay, in this case in cash. At the end of the trip, look for the payment method option located at the top, along with the amount to pay.

When you press the next button, a message will appear at the top that will say, "Please remember that the payment is in cash"; Finally, on the screen, indicate the total amount to pay, and voila, you have reached your final destination.

If you have discount coupons, it will appear on the driver's screen in the details, where the breakdown of the charge will be; This indicates the total, which includes the charges and the total value of the discount coupon, which will be deposited separately directly by DiDi.

Coupons are promotional codes with which you can have excellent discounts on your trips. In order to obtain them, you have two ways, the first is through the referral system, or by recommending acquaintances, friends or family to use DiDi.

Also through campaigns on our social networks, and on special days; information that DiDi will let you know through your email, a text message to your personal number or directly in the app.

How to order a DiDi for someone else?

To order a DiDi from someone else, it is the same as simple as ordering one for yourself; the only difference is the change of location that you must make when looking for the person for whom you want to order the DiDi.

You just have to give the option Where are you going? , then change the current location option, add the person's address, choose the person's destination, ask for DiDi and that's it; your friend or family member will be able to reach their destination, quickly and safely.

This is the fastest and easiest way to ask your friend or family member for didi; You can order a DiDi from your PC or computer from the comfort of your home or office, as well as on tablets, Android phones and iPhone ios.

Making the DiDi payment with Cash is very simple. For our part, we are happy to help you; If you want more relevant information like this, write us in the comment box about what other DiDi-related topics you want to read.

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