How to Make Pistons or Sticky Pistons in Minecraft? - Tutorial for Crafting a Piston (Example)

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Minecraft despite looking like a simple construction game is not. There are different objects that allow the construction of automated and complex machines for various functions such as pistons (you can even make a secret door in Minecraft with them). If you want to start building complicated structures learn how to make sticky pistons or pistons in Minecraft (as a recommendation, download the official version of this game).

These pistons in their two forms, sticky or normal, allow to push or attract a cube. These when activated with a lever or another initiator and Redstone deploy an arm that in the case of normal pushes and in sticky it pushes and also attracts.

The structures that can be generated are unlimitedAlthough its main function is for solid blocks, it is also used to cut flows of water or lava or to sweep a block with a plant or grass. In short, the applications are many that is why it is important to know how to make sticky pistons or pistons in Minecraft.


Requirements to make sticky pistons or pistons in Minecraft

To create a piston, a few ingredients are necessary that are in turn easy to obtain, which allows it to be easy to replicate and obtain a certain amount of them. The pistons need an iron ingot, a Redstone, and four cubes of rock or cobblestone that are obtained is either side.

How to get the iron ingot?

This object is not found naturally so a process must be performed to create it. The first thing to do is search underground for iron ore and break it up with a pickaxe. It should be noted that the beak cannot be made of wood.

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Then it must be baked in a common or fusion oven, placing it on top and bottom with a fuel that can be coal, lava or wood. After a short time, the iron ingot can be removed.

How to get Redstone?

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The Redstone is more complex to achieve, because it is found deeper and more scarce. This block that must be mined to obtain it is similar to the iron ore block, except that the veins are red and when it is mined with the pick it becomes luminescent. Importantly, you have to use an iron pickaxe or better to mine it.

How to get slime to make the sticky piston?

In order to create the piston that has the ability to attract blocks you need to find slimes in Minecraft. This compound is hard to come by. To do this, a slime monster must be killed and these also found in the subsoil are very rare.

In previous versions of Minecraft it was common visualize them on the surface. However, in the new ones they are difficult to find. When this monster is killed, it is divided into two smaller ones, so on until it disappears and gives the player the slime ball (although in previous versions they are easier, it is recommended to update Minecraft to the latest version available, to make the pistons, because in this they work better and you can combine them with more objects).

Steps to make sticky pistons or pistons in Minecraft

When the ingredients are obtained it is very easy to make sticky pistons or pistons in Minecraft. To do this, you must enter the crafting table interface, place two cobblestone cubes on each side in the middle row and the iron ingot in the middle. In the bottom row repeat placing two cobblestone cubes on the sides, but a redstone in the middle.

metal block

The piston will appear in the result, it would only be necessary click on it and you would get this Minecraft cube. To make the sticky piston, you must enter the crafting table again and place the piston in the space in the middle of the bottom row and above the slime ball. With these steps you can make both types of pistons quickly and easily.

Now you can go to your game and start doing all kinds of things like putting minigames in Minecraft, or creating automated structures, among other things, remember the sky is the limit.

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